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  • Jewelry That Tells Your Story
  • So many of you have come through our virtual doors, telling us of old gold, inherited gold, broken gold - pieces that no longer make your heart skip a beat. Our newly launched Repurpose Initiative allows you to swap your old jewelry for something that tells your story, something you're proud to wear.
  • The best part - your old jewelry is sent for recycling and you receive 100% store credit that can go towards a piece on our online store or Lucy & Mui, Bespoke.
  • If you would like to rework a sentimental centerstone by pairing our Repurpose Initiative with Bespoke, get in touch with us at




1. What sort of jewelry do you accept in the Repurpose Initiative?

We accept all solid gold jewelry, regardless of their condition. This means that broken or tangled chains, scratched rings, lone earrings can all be repurposed.

2. How do I know if my jewelry is crafted in solid gold?

Most solid gold jewelry contain a little stamp that indicates its gold karatage. We break down what these little stamps mean below-

24k / 999

22k / 916

18k / 750

14k / 585

10k / 417

9k / 375

Once you are able to decipher the gold karatage, send us a photo of your jewelry and the estimated gold karatage for us to provide you with the estimate store credit you will receive for your piece. Do note that the final figure can only be determined upon us verifying the gold karatage and weighing your jewelry.

If your jewelry does not contain any stamps, but you are sure that they are sold gold, send your jewelry to us for an in-person assessment. We bring it back to our studio for an x-ray to determine its purity. 

From there, your store credit is easily calculated with a simple formula:

Gold Karatage x Item Weight x Current Gold Price

3. How is my Store Credit determined?

Your store credit is calculated using a simple formula that tracks the live gold prices that change daily.

4. Can I receive cash for my jewelry?

Unfortunately we do not purchase your jewelry in cash. We offer 100% of that value in store credit that can be used on our online store or to set-off the price of a Bespoke piece.

5. What do you do with my jewelry?

After we receive your jewelry, we thoroughly clean them and send them to a refinery for recycling. The recycling process involves the removal of all other alloys that go into making your jewelry, to extract pure gold. This pure gold is then recycled and repurposed into new jewelry down the line.