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Our Process

At Lucy & Mui, we believe in honest, handmade design. Through a fusion of modern technology and old world techniques, we handcraft each piece in solid gold, creating future heirlooms that will be passed on for generations. 

Our jewelry making process can be broken down into three stages - casting, setting and polishing.

Using induction and high frequency melting, we painstakingly control both temperature and atmosphere in our dedicated casting chambers. Pure gold is melted and alloyed with other metals to produce 14k gold in champagne, rose and white.

Once your base is casted after more than 24 hours, using a jewelry torch and lasers, we solder and weld the precious metals together, and your Lucy & Mui heirloom starts to take shape.

Using precision, hand-held tools, we set and secure diamonds and precious gemstones into the near-completed setting. Individually handset and tightened, our undivided care and attention ensures that your Lucy & Mui heirloom will stand the test of time.

Our handmade process ends with polishing - a multistage process where your precious metal is buffed with soft rotary tools made from bristles, felt and muslin, to achieve the desired luster.