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Your Wanderlust Jewelry Travel Guide

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Your Wanderlust Jewelry Travel Guide

Whether you are heading off to a vineyard wedding weekend, a beach getaway or city-hopping across Europe, we know that packing for time away from home can be tricky. You want to make sure that you’re prepared for any situation, but also try not to overstuff your luggage or carry around valuable jewelry that you won't end up wearing.

The following is our simple, step-by-step guide to traveling with jewelry, all the way from choosing what to bring to keeping it safe and clean during the trip.

Decisions, decisions. First, think through the needs for your trip. Will you be lounging poolside or attending a black-tie affair? Will you be cafe-hopping or sipping fine wine in five-star dining establishments? Think of each setting of your trip, and then take a few moments to make a list of the types of jewelry you will need.

We do recommend keeping your jewelry minimal on vacations by choosing neutral pieces that will work to accent multiple outfits. Planning out your full outfits in advance will help you determine how many pieces you actually need. 

Note: Whether or not to insure your valuables is a personal choice, but we do recommend considering insurance for fine jewelry that will accompany you on holiday. Knowing that these pieces are covered in the event of loss or theft will give you peace of mind.

Pack mindfully. Once you have a solid list of the jewelry you need for your trip, it’s time to pack. We recommend a high quality jewelry roll or case. Keeping your pieces tangle-free, each one in its own compartment, is even more important when you travel. Some travelers find that DIY tricks like running your thin necklace chain through a straw help to keep the piece from rubbing against others.

Once it's securely organized, it's time to add your jewelry to your luggage. Always pack your jewelry case in your carry-on luggage. Even if you’ve had great luck with checked luggage in the past, lost and damaged baggage is common enough that we don’t think it’s worth the risk! Tuck your jewelry roll amongst the clothes in your carry-on, and you’re ready to travel!

Smart transportation. You’ve chosen the pieces, packed them beautifully, and now you’re standing in line for security, ticket and passport in hand. So, do you remove your diamond necklace? Your engagement band? The sparkling topaz studs in your ears?


High quality gold jewelry is barely magnetic, so it is unlikely that your favorite pieces will set off any alarms. In fact, costume jewelry, which is merely gold-plated, is far more likely to do so. If you choose to remove your pieces, or are asked to do so (please oblige!), make sure that you take a moment to stash your jewels inside your carry-on bag, rather than in the available bowls or bins. That way you know exactly where your pieces are, and that they are safe and secure as they move along the conveyer belt.

Caring for your pieces during your stay. If you’re heading to the pool or the beach, consider the toll that saltwater and chlorine can take on precious metals. Consider making use of your in-room safe, or even the safe behind the hotel’s front desk (simply ask the concierge). If you’re not wearing your jewelry for any reason, keep it securely locked in.

And if you choose to wear your pieces out into the elements, simply plan to clean them when you get back to the room. Though diamonds are incredibly durable, it’s important to keep the prongs of the ring free from debris. Little grains of sand can wreak havoc, causing the stone to loosen and fall out. Likewise, the brilliance of gemstones can dim over time if the stone’s surface becomes coated in oil and dirt. Sunscreen will cloud the surface as well. If you’ve worn your pieces out in the sun, sand, or water, clean the jewelry later with warm soapy water and a soft-bristled brush.

No matter where you go, and how effortless or elegant your travel style is, we wish you and your gems the best on your trip. Follow these steps and tips, and we're sure that you can enjoy your adventure looking both stylish and relaxed. Enjoy the journey.

Bon voyage!

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