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  • You, Redefined: Choosing Bridal Jewelry that Makes You Shine
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You, Redefined: Choosing Bridal Jewelry that Makes You Shine

The Internet is brimming with treasure troves of information about how to plan a wedding, pick a location, or land the gown of your dreams. Here at Lucy & Mui we focus less on the grand and more on the details. That’s why we decided to provide you with a refreshingly simple method for choosing the jewelry to wear on what is the most classically significant day of your life: your wedding day.

 First, take a moment and imagine yourself at your most beautiful: You are comfortable in your own skin… natural, effortless, with every detail an accurate reflection of you. That’s your goal with your wedding ensemble— to be you at your most lovely. You know this already, because it’s a technique you employed when you chose your dress. You noticed how that creamy shade of white made your skin glow. Or how the fabric drapes effortlessly over your feminine curves. How better to complete your bridal look than with something sparkling delicately from the hollow of your neck, or framing the soft hair curving back to accentuate your jawline?

Here is our philosophy for choosing the finishing touch for your wedding day look:

Think of elevating the beauty that is already there: you, as you are, but redefined.

For women who want a minimalist, mindful look, shift your perspective away from adding beauty, and more toward accentuating it. When you chose your dress, you were searching for something that made your body feel beautiful and feminine. Use the same tactic with your jewelry. Which styles draw your eye, eliciting feelings of romance or elegance?

We suggest using these questions as you redefine your natural look:

Which metals bring out the natural glow in your skin?

You might already know if you have warm- or cool-toned skin. Makeup colors are often based on where your skin tone falls on the spectrum. If you’re unsure, it can be as easy as trying on different metals to see which highlights your natural coloring. Create a stack of yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold rings or bracelets, and see which brings out your skin’s beauty.

Which pieces will highlight the cut of your dress, and which pieces will clash with it?

The neckline of your dress will dictate whether or not a necklace fits into your wedding-day picture. One beautiful addition to a sweetheart neckline is a necklace that mimics the outline of the dress. A plunging neckline warrants a delicate sparkle below your collarbone as well. We recommend avoiding a necklace with an asymmetrical gown. Boat necklines can be quite lovely with a larger piece-- but then again, if you love the look of your neckline, it’s acceptable to keep it bare. Minimalist beauty at it’s best.

Does the rest of your ensemble already shine?

Adding just a bit more sparkle is so alluring, isn’t it? But don’t fall into the trap of weighing yourself down because you can’t choose. Think curation, not collection. If your dress is awash in a spray of sequins, or scattered with the starlight of hundreds of hand-sewn jewels, keep other adornments simple. Redefined doesn’t always mean more – less often brings out beauty that is already there.


Final Thoughts

One last reminder: don’t forget to try any earrings with the headpiece(s) you plan to wear at both the ceremony and reception! Note whether your veil gently brushes your earrings, or whether your jewel-encrusted headpiece is best complemented by tiny, sweet diamond studs.

In the end, your wedding jewelry should help you own your natural beauty. Your wedding day is an elegant, timeless occasion, so you want to feel that the beautiful woman staring back at you in the mirror is you.

Highlight the feminine lines of your face and neck. Accentuate the curves of your dress. Dress up your everyday routine just a touch: you, redefined. Be authentic to yourself and you won’t go wrong.

We’ve no doubt you’ll look stunning.

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