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What Finger Should You Wear Your Ring On?

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What Finger Should You Wear Your Ring On?

Here at Lucy & Mui, we’re firm believers of personal expression and individuality. Typically, we’re not ones to follow rules, but when we discovered the hidden meanings and symbolisms behind each finger, we were intrigued to find out more. Read on to learn about what rings on each finger mean.


Thumb | Traditionally, rings worn on thumbs used to be symbols of status and wealth, because only the affluent could afford a large enough ring to fit on the thumb. In Ancient Greece, thumb rings represented masculinity and power. But today, a thumb ring can be a fashion statement, and a sign of true confidence.

Index Finger | Back in the day, the noble elite would wear elaborate rings on their index finger to symbolize power. Families with authority would also emblazon their crests into the center of their rings to assert their status. Because of its prominence, the index finger is great for statement rings, such as your favorite cocktail ring.

Middle Finger | Being in the center, the middle finger can symbolize balance and responsibility. It’s a comfortable finger to start with for first-time ring-wearers, because it feels central and sturdy. Rings on this finger, be it a statement ring or a minimalist band, can give an extra flair and style to your outfit without being too overpowering. 

Ring Finger | As the name suggests, the ring finger is most commonly reserved for wedding and engagement rings. Some may choose to wear a promise ring or purity ring on this finger too. In most Western cultures, wedding rings and engagement rings are worn on the left ring finger. Many believe that this stems from an ancient Roman belief that a vein connected the ring finger to the heart; wearing your engagement and wedding rings on this finger then symbolizes the promise of everlasting love. However, in other countries like India, Germany, and Russia, the right ring finger is reserved for matrimony and betrothal instead.

Pinky | Interestingly, in popular culture, pinky rings are commonly associated with organized crime. From “The Godfather” to “The Sopranos”, we see pinky rings worn on formidable mob leaders, a subdued hint at unpredictable violence and danger. However, in his 2016 hit “24K Magic”, Bruno Mars calls for his listeners to “put your pinky rings up to the moon” – a celebration of one’s accomplishments and status. For us, we believe that the pinky is a place for any of your favorite rings. After all, the smallest finger deserves a lovely sparkle.



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While symbolisms are interesting, they are by no means definitive guides on how to wear your rings. The best part about wearing rings is to have fun! So personalize them to suit your style. With one exception being your ring finger, feel free to play around with rings on different fingers to express your individuality, boldly and beautifully.

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