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We're Adjusting Our Pricing

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We're Adjusting Our Pricing

Quality is one of the hallmarks of our label - all of us at Lucy & Mui are continually working to maintain our commitment to great design, quality workmanship and sustainable sourcing.

Each of these factors contribute to your personalized Lucy & Mui piece, and we are determined to continually deliver better. As part of our ongoing efforts to support sustainable sourcing and deliver great design and quality workmanship, we will be implementing a small increase in some of our prices. Our price changes will take effect from 31 July 2017.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds and Gemstones

This means that we work only with jewellers and suppliers that are committed to sustainable sourcing, so we can ensure that each Lucy & Mui piece upholds our commitment - and this doesn't always mean the lowest cost.

Quality Workmanship

Each piece by Lucy & Mui is cast, set and polished by hand.  The intricacy of our pieces are testament to the thought and skill that goes behind every piece. The jewellers we work with have decades of experience in jewelry making.

Great Design

We've been told our style is distinctive - and we couldn't agree more. Our designers have worked grueling nights to deliver one-of-a-kind designs that are set apart from mass market jewelry - and we believe their hard work should not go unnoticed.


We will honor our current pricing for any purchases placed from now till 31 July. On top of that, to thank you for your continual support and understanding, we will be offering you a one-time discount of 10% off our ENTIRE LINE when you enter "BETTER" at checkout.

If your orders are placed before 31 July, you'll save (on average) 20-25% off our new prices.

Questions or Concerns? Just drop us a note at, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.



The Lucy & Mui Team

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