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Pairing Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

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Pairing Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

At Lucy & Mui, one of the most frequent questions we get asked here is: Which wedding band goes well with my engagement ring? 

One of our greatest joys in crafting engagement rings is telling your personal story behind each ring. A wedding band is just as unique, but one of the questions we are asked is how well our wedding bands complement their engagement ring. 

While creating your personalized ring stack is ultimately a matter of preference, we are seeing more and more brides #EmbraceTheGap - a trending hashtag that allows for variance and an alternate look as opposed to a classic stack that fits perfectly together. 

Here are some pairings that we know and love. But we’re always open to new ideas and we would love to hear from you! So have a read and let us know what you think. 

A Classic Solitaire 

The Pear Solitaire Diamond Ring, USD2,650 with The Aura Diamond Wedding Band, USD695

One of the most versatile styles to match, a classic solitaire engagement ring would go beautifully with almost any wedding band. A plain band would look lovely with a solitaire ring, letting its sparkling gemstone take center stage. An arc band would also allow your solitaire ring to nestle comfortably for a beautiful ring pairing. 

A Modern Bezel 

The Gild Quartz Diamond Ring, USD950

For a modern design like the bezel engagement ring, try pairing it with a minimal, sleek wedding band like Nova or Space. A band with more bezel set diamonds could also elevate this pairing. 

A Delicate Three-Stone 

Emerson Morganite Tapered Diamond Ring, USD1,250

A classic 3-stone engagement ring can be paired delicately with a wedding band featuring stones of the same shape as the center or side stones. For instance, if your ring has baguette diamonds on the side, a band with baguette diamonds, like Sierra or the Curved Light Band for a more classic stack.

A Unique Cluster 

The Round Rosette Diamond Ring, USD4,850 with Muse Diamond Wedding Band, USD680

Cluster engagement rings are truly one-of-a-kind, and alternative wedding bands can definitely fit to match. Consider playing with different textures, metals, and shapes to create a pair that is uniquely yours. 

Trying different styles of wedding bands 

Not sure what style would fit with your engagement ring? We recommend trying as many as possible to see what works and what doesn’t. 

In-person private viewings are finally back in session (yay!), so feel free to arrange one with us to try on any wedding band you see in our collection. These consultations with our Brand Ambassadors are also perfect for any questions you may have about wearing or caring for your rings, so ask away! 

If you’re still feeling jittery about mingling with crowds outside, we have also arranged private viewings in the comfort of your home. 

To our clients in Singapore | For a fully refundable 70% deposit, you may view our pieces on your own at home. We’ll deliver the pieces straight to your doorstep, where you can try these precious sparklers for one day. So pair them with your engagement ring, your favorite outfit, anything at all! If you have questions about these rings as you try them at home, we’ll be on hand to assist as well. 

To our clients abroad | While trying them on in person may not be possible, virtual arrangements can be made! Our Brand Ambassadors will be ready to take you through our collection online, wherever you are in the world. We’re always striving to create a personal experience for you and your loved one, and a virtual connection can be just as meaningful.  

Made with love to last a lifetime, wedding bands are a magical memento to mark the start of your forever together. In light of all that has happened in the world this year, love has kept us grounded during these unsettling times. Seeing how love is still in session for many young couples we’ve met, in-person or online, our hearts are filled with so much warmth and gratitude to be able to not only witness their strength, but also be a little part of their love story. 

We hope that our offering creates a safe haven and peace of mind, as you search for your forever piece. 

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