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The New Normal - Price Adjustments

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The New Normal - Price Adjustments

Our mission and vision for Lucy & Mui has always been - pieces made different, constantly striving to do better, and giving back to the community. These values have always been the core of who we are, and in a world evolving at such speed, our adjustment to the new normal calls for us to reflect on our journey and how we can do better.

2020 has been a year of firsts - we never envisioned a world where travel would be prohibited, where moving across oceans would seem so far away, and where most of the world is confined to the walls of an apartment. As we evaluate and improve our systems and processes to adjust to the new normal, we are fighting hard to ensure that we never waver on our core values. 

Because of this, we've made the hard decision to tip the scales in favor of a small price increase across some of our products (mainly wedding bands and engagement rings), in order to maintain the hallmark of quality that has become synonymous with our label.

Quality Materials

Gold prices have risen more than 50% in the last 5 years. As a small business, we've absorbed as much as we are able, as we do our utmost to balance the tension between quality and price. We never cut corners, and always strive to deliver a product that surpasses quality expectations.

Quality Workmanship

We've taken the hard stance that our pieces will be handcrafted by our team of jewellers here in Singapore, that have decades of experience and a work ethic that aligns with our vision. This way, you know that every piece is handcrafted with love, from us to you.

Our Price Adjustment

Come 15 October 2020 we will be implementing a small price increase on some of our pieces. Till then, we will honor our current pricing for any purchases placed before 15 October. If your orders are placed before 15 October 2020, you'll save (on average) 15-20% off our new prices.

Questions or Concerns? Drop us a note at, and we'll be in touch within 24 hours :)


Stay safe!



The Lucy & Mui Team

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