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The Joy of Capturing Your Stories

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The Joy of Capturing Your Stories

Jewelry is personal. It is complicated and layered—because each piece holds your stories. A ring might symbolize your sweeping tale of love and commitment. A necklace might hold memories of your dear grandmother’s sparkling smile, glitter with the birthstones of your children, memorialize a proud accomplishment.

When we design a Lucy & Mui piece, we often spend time visualizing the way a gemstone pairing or intricate metalwork piece tells a story of its own. A lovely sky blue and white topaz coupling might make us stop and think of two lifelong friends, separate yet connected, distinct yet united. Other pairings, like delicate designs full of old-world charm, make us visualize two old souls, bound together by unending love.

It is an honor to imagine new stories and help tell existing ones—that is, your stories. Whether repurposing an old piece into something beautiful or crafting something delicate and new for a fresh occasion, creating jewelry that holds stories is a joy. 

Of course, there are complementary ways to capture memories of your milestones, to ensure you will be reminded of them forever:

Photographs | Jewelry speaks to us in ways we never imagined. But while each jewelry piece holds significance and memory of a moment or special someone, it’s possible to capture memories more narratively: with photographs. The photographers we know and love share our passion for producing timeless work. They aim to focus on the emotion, the joy, of each milestone. They spark memories and evoke memories of all that we saw, touched, tasted, heard, or even smelled in our most joyous moments. Capturing memories with photographs is truly a gift.

Artifacts | We hold dear the artifacts and talismans of beautiful memories. Perhaps you cling to the delicate handkerchief gifted to you by your grandma on your wedding day. Maybe you have tucked away your baby’s first pair of tiny shoes. Some of us display our wedding invitations or let time stand still as we leaf through our wedding guestbook on the coffee table. For the extra special milestones in your life, why not capture a tiny artifact—a note, a four-leaf clover, a wedding invitation, or a bit of lace—and keep it in a protected place, where it can remain to bring back memories as often as you’d like?

Celebrations | Here at Lucy & Mui, we love celebrating others’ stories. With the busyness of modern life, it is easy to lose sight of planning celebrations. One of our favourite ways to capture milestones and ensure we continue nurturing and growing our memories is to plan regular celebrations. Capture your romance forever by committing to celebrating each anniversary as if it was your first. Capture the joy of each birthday by planning a celebration that marries old memories and new dreams for the future. When we make a ritual of our celebrations, our milestones continue giving us memories for years to come!

Whether you prefer capturing memories with photographs, artifacts, or celebrations, we would love to hear your stories of special moments! Stories capture the raw moments of who we are—what shapes us—and we love crafting fine jewelry pieces inspired by every one of yours.

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