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Starting with Ethically-Sourced Diamonds

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Starting with Ethically-Sourced Diamonds

Jewelry has the power to evoke a range of powerful emotions. A handpicked, unique stone picked out just for you makes our hearts race with anticipation. More than any other gem, diamonds make us think of romance. Love. Commitment.

And that’s why we believe that when it comes to diamonds, we have a duty to ensure that they are untarnished -- not just physically. Conflict-free diamonds are stones that are ethically sourced, meaning that the mines they come from follow both labor and environmental standards. Unethical mining practices have prevailed in the jewelry industry in the past, but is a practice that is changing.

Because diamonds are such a valuable resource, there are diamond mines in the world where workers are treated unfairly -- where the profits go into the pockets of owners or government officials rather than the workers themselves. These profits are then used to fund wars and brutal dictatorships.

Here at Lucy & Mui, we believe in crafting beautiful jewelry that enriches the lives of the wearer and those who helped create the piece in the first place. This applies to our suppliers, our artisans and our clients. We believe that the jewelry industry doesn’t have to follow the negative patterns of the past. We believe in better.

Here’s what we mean when we say our diamonds are ethically sourced:

  • We start with the Kimberley Process. This is an internationally renowned set of standards committed to removing conflict diamonds from the market altogether. The process tracks diamonds from mine to market, ensuring that no one is misused or abused along the way.
  • We purchase our diamonds from reputable suppliers. We are committed to purchasing jewelry components only from those who adhere to the standards set forth by the Kimberley Process. And if one of our suppliers starts to “branch out,” violating any of these standards? We sever ties. A clean, ethical supply chain is important to us!

We're passionate about keeping our pieces ethical because we want to empower women everywhere: those supporting their families by mining stones, those businesswomen toiling to supply us with Kimberley-certified diamonds and gemstones and, of course, our own customers and brand ambassadors. When we say that we believe in better, we mean it. We believe that together we can build a better today and tomorrow.

Conflict-free diamonds are only the beginning. They are important because they are a baseline for us. Should the pieces we use to accent our beauty come from mines that are safe, sustainable and fair to their workers? Absolutely. We want that for them and we want that for you. We do everything we can to ensure that our stones and pieces make a positive impact from mine to market. 

So now you know. From diamond mine to your hand, we're committed to empowering women. After all, doesn't it feel so much more freeing to look down at the sparkling ring on your finger and knowing that it's untainted? In every way, from our suppliers to the special one who gave it to you, it came to you with love.




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