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The Beauty of Astral Diamonds

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The Beauty of Astral Diamonds

Though crystal clear diamonds are timeless, there is something rare and unique about colored diamonds that offer a different perspective on these stones. Over time, we’ve had couples ask for a spectrum of alternative colours for their engagement and wedding rings.

Recently, we fell head over heels for one of the most mystical diamond colors: grey. Grey diamonds, often swirling with constellations of black and grey flecks of natural material, have mesmerized jewelry makers for centuries. Though some craftsmen refer to them as ‘salt and pepper diamonds,’ grey diamonds remind us of the stars: one-of-a-kind, with an alluring silvery, metallic sheen.

What makes grey diamonds different?

Grey diamonds are no less valuable or authentic than their colourless counterparts. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) rates diamonds in four categories: carat, cut, clarity, and colour. The value and perfection of a grey diamond can be directly compared against colourless diamonds using the first three parameters.

What makes grey diamonds so rare is also what sets them apart on GIA’s ‘colour’ scale. The difference is the presence of hydrogen. From shimmering mercury to velvety charcoal, grey diamonds get their colour from the hydrogen mixed into the carbon. Grey diamonds also often have a purple or blue undertone, which pairs beautifully with white gold. These elemental anomalies form part of the natural beauty of grey diamonds.

Because grey diamonds are so rare, they are the perfect centerstone choice for those in search of an alternative to traditional jewelry styles. Despite their scarcity in the natural world, grey diamonds are often an affordable choice because they are less known. We’ve partnered with gemologists the world over, and are thrilled to unveil these rare beauties in our Astral Diamond range, very soon.

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