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Thankful Thursday: The Gift of Gratitude

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Thankful Thursday: The Gift of Gratitude

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” 

Oscar Wilde


It started with a dream to uplift vulnerable communities, through small but meaningful acts of kindness. We recognized the need to serve others from where we are. 

2 years on, much has changed since we pledged our support for the Rise Above Foundation in Cebu City, the Philippines. The world is grappling with a global pandemic, social and income divides have perpetuated, and health and security risks have exacerbated. No one has been spared from the pandemic fallout - not us here in Singapore, and definitely not the children at Rise Above. 

These events are a humbling reminder to us, that while the most well-protected communities are not infallible, it’s the underserved communities who need a helping hand, now more than ever. Grounded in our belief to empower these children to craft a brighter future for themselves, we decided to bring a new perspective to giving. 


Thankful Thursday
Rise Above Foundation Cebu City
Zachariah is one of the four children we're supporting at Rise Above 


We began a new #ThankfulThursday initiative, where we encourage our clients - and anyone else with a loving heart - to gift a token of gratitude.

Every Thursday, we penned down an activity on Instagram for everyone to join in, through simple emojis or words of appreciation for their loved ones. Even as we stayed apart during lockdown, we wanted to remind followers that they are not alone wherever they are in the world, and check in with their friends and family to know that they are loved amidst these difficult twists and turns in our lives. 

With every comment and tag, we turned it into a gift of US$1 to support Rise Above, which has been challenged in more ways than we can imagine over the last few months. Cebu City has been weaving in and out of various quarantine measures, from the strictest Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) - which was imposed from March 28 to May 31 and reimposed from June 16 to July 15 - to the more relaxed Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) newly introduced on September 1. 

Since March, the children have been confined to their homes to contain the spread of Covid-19 in their city. Nonetheless, Rise Above has been tirelessly helping them to not only provide physical sustenance for their families, but also render emotional support whenever needed. 
While it is heartening to see that schools have been approved to resume on October 1, online modes of blended learning will prove to be a difficult transition for these children. Concerns like reliable internet access, a conducive home environment, and personal ownership of a digital device will come to the fore as Cebu City tries to tackle its digital divide to cope with the new normal of learning. 

In the Philippines, It has long been said that a child’s socio-economic conditions strongly determine the outcomes of his or her education. Similarly, access to good education creates new ladders of opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle. What we hope to achieve here at Lucy & Mui is to guide the children at Rise Above, with the means and will to climb these ladders, break down barriers, and bridge gaps to success. 

And one little gesture at a time, we believe we have! Since coining our #ThankfulThursday initiative, your support has allowed us to contribute (almost) 2 laptops for the Rise Above’s e-learning center. Digital learning will soon become the new norm of education for these kids, and access to a laptop would be pretty synonymous with access to good education. We hope to continue raising funds to purchase more laptops, and do all that we can to help these kids in their greatest times of need.
No matter how small, we believe that rallying a community of little contributions can make a difference in their lives. That is why every like, comment, or share on our #ThankfulThursday posts means the world to us. It affirms your commitment to support our cause - to help these children in every way possible, so that they can overcome any present and new adversities that come their way. 

Rise Above Foundation Food Distribution
Rise Above has been regularly distributing food packages to the children's families to tide through these difficult times

If you have joined us since Day 1, we thank you truly, from the bottom of our hearts. If you would like to join, we’re incredibly excited to have you on board. And if you have any ideas on how else we can contribute to Rise Above, we’re just an Instagram DM away.

Together, let us come together and gift gratitude to the communities who need it most. Together, let us emerge braver, kinder, and more resilient than before.

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