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How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

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How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

A pounding heart. Voicing the question you’ve wanted to ask for months. Watching a smile light up her whole face. Slipping a precious ring onto her finger as you agree to commit to a long life of love and happiness together.

Whether a whispered question in a dark room or a proclamation in front of family and friends, proposals are often the culmination of many months of dreaming and planning. Though asking for your partner’s hand in marriage is a deeply personal event, it’s often necessary to enlist the help of others—from jewelry designers to photographers to your partner’s parent or best friend.

With holidays around the corner, we know many of you are dreaming of a picture-perfect proposal. You might be wondering if it’s too late for a Christmas engagement ring or too early to start planning for popping the question (and hopefully a bottle of bubbly!) on Valentine’s Day.

A timeline and plan may differ from couple to couple, but the following guidelines are a good place to start.

3-6 months before the proposal

We recommend selecting a ring or ring design several months before you plan to propose. Though it is possible to find and purchase a beautiful ring days or weeks before your proposal, planning ahead relieves anxiety and last-minute sizing issues.

For a bespoke engagement ring, processes differ from jeweler to jeweler. Here at Lucy & Mui, we begin with a design concept consultation, followed by sketching, then finally handcrafting your design. A bespoke collaboration timeline varies according to your needs, but we do have a lead time of 2-3 weeks between design revisions. Though we do our utmost to accommodate tight deadlines, starting the ring selection 3-6 months in advance ensures a perfectly crafted jewelry piece every time.

1 month before the proposal

Whether you have the ring in hand or at its final polishing with your jeweler, we recommend starting to plan the proposal event about a month before you ask the question. We have learned that some of the best moments in life take a little extra foresight.

If you’re opting for a romantic dinner in a special place, four weeks ahead is a good time to make a reservation. Or perhaps you’re planning an elaborate proposal that involves close friends and family. One month in advance is a good rule of thumb for recruiting them for the event.

At this juncture, our photographer for Lucy & Mui, Moments will work with you and take you through the timeline to capture the rawest of moments on film. Take this opportunity to share concerns and plans, so you feel ready for the big day.

1 week before the proposal

With the ring safely stored in its velvet box and the event carefully scheduled just a week away, this is the time to reminisce about your love story. No one knows your partner like you. There is no one else who knows the passion, romance, and deep love that exists in your relationship. We suggest taking a moment to jot down your feelings and thoughts, to help prepare yourself for the words you want to use when you ask your partner to marry you.

1 day before the proposal

The day before you plan to propose, check in with anyone involved in the big moment. Ensure that everyone’s schedules align, that any accessories (flowers, candles, letters) are prepared. Finally, take a breath and relax, knowing you’ll make a lifelong memory tomorrow.

The Moment

On the day of your proposal, it’s normal to feel a bit nervous. Let yourself enjoy the progression of the day, and try not to worry if some moments don’t go according to plan. Just before revealing the ring, take a deep breath. Give yourself grace and patience to say all that you want to say—and give your partner a moment to collect him/herself too!

Relish the minutes, know that your memories will be captured on film, and enjoy this new chapter of your life.

Congratulations from us to you!

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