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Perfectly Imperfect: Salt & Pepper Diamonds

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Perfectly Imperfect: Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Today, many jewelry lovers are probably accustomed to the 4Cs of diamonds: cut, carat, color and, and clarity. The cut determines the sparkle of a diamond, the carat refers to its mass, while color ranges from completely colorless to tints of yellow or brown. Lastly, a diamond’s clarity is determined by its number of imperfections, or inclusions that occur naturally during formation. 

While the traditional belief is that the fewer inclusions in a diamond, the more valuable it is, the rising popularity of naturally, beautifully-included diamonds has thrown this belief out of the window. These diamonds fall outside of the typical “clarity” scale, but every stone is uniquely individual and breathtakingly beautiful. 

salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

Avery Astral Diamond Ring, USD2,850

Among these natural beauties are salt and pepper diamonds, which are speckled with white (salt) and black (pepper) inclusions that come in all shapes and forms. A small universe exists within each stone, and the patterns can look like a galaxy of stars, or feathery wisps of clouds. Pepper inclusions make a diamond look darker and more mysterious, salt inclusions give the diamond a celestial, icy appearance. 

Often described as wild, or even misfit diamonds, there are many reasons to love these natural stones. For one, no pattern of inclusions is the same, so every stone is unique to you. Many couples love how salt and pepper diamonds symbolize their one-of-a-kind love, while others see it as a reminder to love their flaws and embrace their natural beauty. One thing is for sure, we believe that salt and pepper diamonds are deeply personal - for a love that is truly, unequivocally theirs. 

astral diamond engagement ring

Ebony Astral Diamond Ring, USD2,600 

Salt and pepper diamonds are also kinder to the environment. Why? Most diamonds harvested have some inclusions, which make them more available than the ‘perfect’ inclusion-free diamond. To mine a completely colorless diamond, hundreds of tonnes of earth are removed, transported, and sifted through. This, coupled with labor and fuel to sort just one carat of the perfect diamond comes with an extensive carbon footprint. While any type of mining does have an impact on the earth, salt and pepper diamonds save much more time and resources as they are unearthed and harvested as they are - natural flaws galore. 

And because of their availability, salt and pepper diamonds come at a more affordable price point than their ‘traditional’ white counterparts. This does not mean their rarity or value is diminished. Rather, we cherish the individuality of every salt and pepper diamond, just as much as its earthly allure. The nature of these stones also grant our gemstone-cutters more creative freedom, as they move away from the mindset of maximizing carat weight to creating and accentuating the uniqueness in each stone. Salt and pepper diamonds are crafted into unique, fascinating shapes that make precious heirlooms of a lifetime. 

astral diamond engagement ring

Penelope Astral Diamond Ring, USD2,900

Salt and pepper diamonds are perfect for those who are looking to step outside of the traditional box. If you’re one who finds beauty in natural imperfections, then the salt and pepper diamond could be just the one for you. 

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