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Our Guide - How To Untangle Necklaces in Under 5 Minutes

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Our Guide - How To Untangle Necklaces in Under 5 Minutes
We've all been there - that dreaded moment of realizing that your delicate chain has collapsed into a pile of tiny knots, and not knowing how long it will take to tease out the knots or when you'll be able to put on your favorite necklace. For many of us, untangling necklaces causes untold frustration - we're here with a 6-step guide to a beautiful fine chain - minus the frustration. 

Take a breath and walk yourself through our guide to untangling necklaces - with the right tools (and a little patience) we're confident that these steps won't take more than 5 minutes.

1. Unclasp the necklace
2. Spread the necklace on a flat surface
3. Take a safety pin or push pin or anything small and sharp and knead it through the knots to pull them apart
4. Rub some lubricant all over the chain to loosen the knots - either some powder or soft baby oil
5. Slowly work the knots out
6. Don't forget to wash the lubricant out!

Take a deep breath - you're done!

They do say prevention is better than cure - at Lucy & Mui, we believe that with the right jewelry storage solutions, the instances of tangled chains (and the accompanying frustration) will be few and far between. Check out our jewelry organization tips HERE or explore jewelry storage solutions below.

1. Home Storage

For Home Storage, we love the Stackers Medium Jewellery Spacer - it allows you to lay your necklaces flat to minimize the risk of tangling.


2. Travel Storage

Most of us are itching to travel - though with Covid-19 that's unlikely to happen anytime soon, it can't hurt to stay prepared can it? For travel storage, we love the Hudson Bleecker Jewelry Folio. It allows you to hang your necklaces with a little button clasp (not foolproof but its as good a prevention as possible!) - we recommend 1 necklace per clasp to reduce the risk of tangling.



So there you have it - untangling a chain in 6 easy steps, and our suggestions on how to prevent it.

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