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Mythical Tales Behind Our Gemstones (Part II)

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Mythical Tales Behind Our Gemstones (Part II)

In Part I, we've surfaced the incredible tales behind diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and rubies. But we do offer a few more unique gemstones here at Lucy & Mui. Read on to find out what stories we've uncovered about them. 


The earliest red spinels date back to approximately 100 BC. One of history’s most underrated and misidentified gemstones, spinel has stood the test of time and survived through many spoils of war.

Midnight Spinel Diamond Ring, USD790

It’s no wonder that this gemstone is believed to be the stone of rejuvenation. Associated with the root chakra, spinel revitalizes its wearer through body, mind, and soul. It is a symbol of hope and vitality, helping you to realign your life to one of joy and inspiration.  



Interestingly, many believe that 'topaz' comes from the Greek name 'Topazios', which is a small island in the Red Sea where another stone, peridot, was discovered. 

Ancient Greeks once believed that topaz was the stone of strength, granting its wearer the power of invisibility. During the Middle Ages, the gemstone was used to not only heal physical and mental illnesses, but also to prevent death. In the 19th century, the imperial topaz was mined exclusively for the Russian Czar and his royal family. 

Darcy Diamond Engagement Ring (with a stunning solitaire asscher-cut white topaz), USD450

But today, topaz is used by all, becoming one of the most beloved gemstones for jewelry. It is not only a symbol of good fortune, but also represents love and fidelity, making it a perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries. 



The moissanite has a relatively recent history compared to its gemstone counterparts. After all, the first natural moissanite was only discovered in the late 1800s. But that doesn’t make its significance any less illustrious.

For one, moissanite was first found in rock samples from a crater caused by a meteor. That makes this stone a gem from space, and many people believe that it creates a stronger connection to the universe.

The Asscher Moissanite Engagement Ring, USD1,150

And because they are so similar to diamonds (making them a more affordable and ethical alternative), moissanite gems are believed to emblemize a strong, unbreakable love. Its stunning clarity and radiance give its wearer composure and inner strength, providing all-round positive energy.



Discovered in the early 1900s, morganite has the shortest history out of all the stones in our collection. However, in the past century, this pink beryl has gained recognition as a stone for unconditional love and emotional healing.

Aspen Morganite Diamond Ring, USD1,450

With its soft pinkish hue, morganite is often associated with innocence and compassion. It is believed to have emotional healing properties, opening the heart chakra, and helping people overcome negative emotions like anger and fear. The soothing energy of morganite helps to relieve stress to its wearer, bringing calmness and strengthening the heart.


Behind each gemstone, lies many fascinating tales that show how truly significant it is. They are all rare marvels of nature that we've come to appreciate as unique extensions of ourselves through jewelry. Whichever gemstone your heart desires, do treat it with care and love to preserve its beauty, so that it can last a lifetime. 

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