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Morganite: The Pink ‘Diamond’

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Morganite: The Pink ‘Diamond’

It was November 2002 when the world found out that Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a pink diamond engagement ring. Yes, a 6.1-carat, radiant-cut pink diamond that cost USD2.5 million. The novelty of proposing with a blush-colored diamond gained incredible media attention, and pink was launched into the public consciousness and consequently, the jewelry industry. 

As the interest in pink picked up over the last two decades, so did morganite - a naturally pink gemstone that resembles the subtle rays of sunrise, warms the heart, and attracts its wearer to an abundance of love. 

Measuring at 8 on the MOH scale of hardness, it may be slightly less durable than the diamond (which sits at an all-star 10 on the same MOH scale). However, when treated with care, regular cleanings, and proper storage, morganite engagement rings can be a wonderful heirloom. And just like diamonds, morganites have a high degree of brilliance, so you’ll be getting a peach-pink sparkle that lasts a lifetime. 

Also recognized as a heart crystal, the morganite is believed to encourage growth, confidence, and inner strength. It is attuned to the heart chakra, healing the heart emotionally and physically, while opening its wearer to compassion and unconditional love. In a relationship, a morganite engagement ring deepens connections and strengthens love between a couple. 

For the untraditional bride, the morganite is a lovely alternative to pink diamonds at a more flexible price-point. Its feminine yet fearless shade of pink is perfect for couples who want a touch of something different. When it comes to settings, we think a pear-cut morganite looks beautiful when arranged in a constellation of white round-cut diamonds, just like Aspen. 

Aspen Morganite Diamond Ring Rose Gold

Aspen Morganite Diamond Ring, USD1,450

For those who like it simple, a classic three-stone setting like Emerson is just as stunning. An oval-cut morganite will shine beautifully as the centerpiece, while a pair of diamond baguettes makes a perfect companion.   

Emerson Morganite Tapered Diamond Ring

Emerson Morganite Tapered Diamond Ring, USD1,250


While morganite pairs well with any metal of your choice, rose gold can truly make your morganite engagement ring shine like no other. Rose gold enhances the peach-pink gemstone’s hue vividly, providing a subtle backdrop to let its inclusion-free clarity shine through.

Our latest collection - BLUSH - goes out to the morganite lovers who are looking for a whimsical, magical romance. From earrings and necklaces to bracelets and engagement rings, we believe that the morganite's blush-pink sparkle encapsulates a rare but everlasting lifetime promise. Its delicate, unconventional hue makes it a timeless classic, and what better to memorialize your special milestone with a truly unique gemstone? 

"Morganite" "Earrings" "Diamond"

Blossom Diamond Earrings, USD690

"Morganite" "Diamond" "Earrings"

Blossom Diamond Necklace, USD650


"Diamond" "Morganite" "Engagement Ring"

Diamond Drift Ring, USD580


If morganite has your heart, you can craft your forever piece that tells your story. Every engagement holds a story of its own, and we would love to be a part of yours. Whether it’s a customized ring based on your preferences and specifications, or a truly bespoke service where the possibilities are endless, please don’t hesitate to reach out via We would love to hear from you!   

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