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Capturing Your Story with Lucy & Mui, Moments

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Capturing Your Story with Lucy & Mui, Moments

With the digital revolution of the last few decades, memorializing a special moment through raw images has become increasingly rare - and we think that makes real moments even more special.

For those intrigued by the concept of Lucy & Mui, Moments, we have a few tips to ensure you choose a professional photographer who will truly translate the emotion of the moment into timeless art.

1. Consult with the photographer about the perfect location in advance.
Hiring a professional photographer adds a cost to your proposal story, but it adds great value too. Professional photographers understand the intricacies of color and atmosphere, shadow and light. As a part of your initial consultation, talk to the photographer about the details of your proposal location.

There’s no denying the romance of a candlelit room or a windswept beach just as the sun dips below the horizon—but these situations also call for equipment that will capture your moment in low lighting. It’s crucial to warn your photographer about drastic lighting changes during your planned proposal. Likewise, it’s important to pinpoint the exact location for the special moment. A professional will help you determine the best angle to face, where to stand for a stunning backdrop, and the best place to pause and pop the question so the photos are as stunning and clear as possible.

2. Ensure your photographer is experienced in artistic storytelling.
We love the opportunity to hear and be a part of a couple's love story. Celebrating a love worth committing to is one of life’s greatest joys. We’ve heard from couples that choosing a proposal photographer involves more than just pretty pictures: for a surprise proposal, you will need to partner with a master storyteller.

Posed portraits often dazzle us because they represent a curated perfection. Portrait photographers can turn subjects toward the perfect lighting, tuck stray hair behind ears, and take a moment to decide on the perfect angle. But for those in search of a surprise proposal photographer, the aim is slightly different. Ensure that your photographer is accustomed to photojournalism and storytelling photography. This will memorialize the entire progression of your unscripted moment.

3. Discuss the minutes following the proposal.
Some couples prefer a moment of quiet after a grand proposal. Others are eager to turn around and celebrate with family and friends. If you are planning a surprise proposal, consider talking to the photographer about what you think your partner will prefer. Will she joyfully pose for photos she didn’t know would occur? Or will she want a moment to touch up her happy tears before smiling at the camera? You know your partner best, so we suggest making a note to the photographer so that the event unfolds as seamlessly as possible.

If you are considering proposal photography for your special moment, the guidelines above should ensure a beautiful commemoration of this life-changing milestone.

In 2019, we launched Lucy & Mui, Moments, which seeks to capture the stories and moments behind each piece of jewelry. Lucy & Mui, Moments comes as a complimentary add-on to our bespoke engagement ring services, and every month, we give away 1 free Moment in collaboration with our friends Ivan Tan & Xinning of alone—together. We fell in love with how their heartfelt, authentic images brim with nuance and intimate storytelling - and we’re sure you will too.

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