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Lucy & Mui Consultations: What to expect?

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Lucy & Mui Consultations: What to expect?

An engagement ring symbolises unity, memories and your story. A lifelong commitment, a piece of jewelry that you’ll never want to take off — a ring that sits perfectly on your finger and makes your heart skip a beat. 

At Lucy & Mui, we believe in listening and learning, so we can work with you to create your perfect ring. We believe that each piece of jewelry is unique, and that the journey of jewelry creation is just as important as the end result.  We do so through our consultations, as we aim to understand you more. 

Lucy and Mui (Seis Classic Diamond Ring)

Here’s what to expect during a Lucy & Mui consultation: 

Sharing | Before we dive into the technicalities, we like to share our brand story and our vision. While the choosing of a ring is an intimate process between you and your significant other, we hope that our brand will be something that you resonate with as well. From sharing about our brand values and our ethical diamond selection process, we want to create a two-way conversation with you - our best work is done with you believing in what we stand for. 

Listening | We’ll take some time to understand your budget, time frame and your aesthetics for the ring. Feel free to share with us some designs that you have in mind, this will also help us in understanding what you like. By understanding these, we will be able to present you with more personalized choices that better suit your needs. 

UnderstandingAfter understanding your needs and preferred designs for the ring, we will take you through some of the gemstones and diamonds we have. We will share more about the meaning of each gemstone, the different cuts of diamonds, and clear up some misconceptions that people usually have about these stones. For soon-to-be brides who prefer something more classic and simple, the Asscher Solitaire Diamond Ring is a graceful piece that never gets old. Admire the sparkles of this diamond at the tip of your fingers, with our Astrid Pear Diamond Engagement Ring. We will also measure your ring size, bringing you a step closer your very own heirloom piece.  Explore more engagement rings here

Feedback At the end of everything, we want to find out more about what you enjoyed about the consultation. At Lucy & Mui, being better for our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Your feedback is valuable in helping us improve to better serve you. 

Lucy and Mui (Perspective)

If you have questions about anything at all, feel free to reach out at We can’t wait to be part of your journey of creating your forever ring. 

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