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Lab-grown diamonds: The new way forward?

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Lab-grown diamonds: The new way forward?

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.”

Traditionally mined diamonds undergo a long, scorching journey. About a hundred miles beneath the earth, they are first formed from crystallized carbon under immense heat and pressure. Upon discovery, they are then unearthed, sieved, and sorted through a laborious and resource-intensive process that could take decades. In the sparkling world of fine jewelry, a mined clear diamond is truly rare and precious, almost second to none.  


Perhaps the one diamond that could dethrone it is a lab-grown diamond, also known as a cultured diamond. As the name suggests, this diamond is created in a lab that mimic the conditions under which natural diamonds are formed. Made of actual carbon atoms, arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Chemically and aesthetically, the lab-grown diamond is identical to the diamond found at the bottom of the earth. Considering ethics and environmental considerations in the diamond industry, lab-grown diamonds are arguably kinder to the world we live in - and can be produced in a fraction of the time taken to for the earth to produce a natural diamond. 

It is no wonder that these cultured diamonds are becoming more popular among celebrities - many of whom are eco-friendly activists and human rights advocates. Whether it’s for the red carpet or their engagement ring, here are the stars who’ve shone beautifully with their lab-grown diamonds. 

1 | Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin Lab-ground Diamond Engagement RIng

Source // @bindisueirwin

We may affectionately know her as the daughter of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, or the Season 21 champion of Dancing with the Stars (US). But the conservationist said yes to a lab-grown diamond engagement ring, when she was proposed to by her boyfriend of nearly six years, Chandler Powell, in July 2019. In her Instagram post that announced the happy news, Bindi shared that the ring is also made with recycled rose gold - a true homage to her history of environmental conservation. 

2 | Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Source // Dia Dipasupil, Getty Images

At the 2018 Academy Awards, the Harry Potter actress and activist attended the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty sporting a variety of ethically-sourced accessories. From her earrings to her diamond bracelet, Emma’s accessories were all made from cultured diamonds and recycled gold, which sparked new conversations about sustainability and transparency of the fine jewelry industry. 

3 | Camila Mendes 

Camila Mendes

Lab-grown pink diamond

Source // Geremy Dubensky, W Magazine

At the People’s Choice Awards in November 2018, the Riverdale actress paired her outfit with the “American Beauty” - a 5-carat lab-grown pink diamond set on a 14-carat gold band in a double-prong solitaire setting. This one-of-a-kind ring was later sold for US$175,000. 

4 | Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed

Source // Dujour

While we may remember her as Rosalie Hale in The Twilight Saga films, the actress has branched out on her own and formed a sustainable jewelry brand. Incorporating lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, she now hopes to combine luxury with sustainability, changing common perceptions that engagement rings and bridal jewelry should only come from natural, raw materials.  

Could lab-grown diamonds be a new way forward for the fine jewelry industry? These celebrities certainly believe so. The younger, more ethically and environmentally conscious generation may agree as well. Through viewings and consultations with our clients, we’ve had questions about the origins and processes of the diamonds we use in our jewelry. At Lucy & Mui, we’re always committed to sourcing conflict-free, ethical diamonds, and we do not settle for anything less. 

Although it has been debated that lab-grown diamonds could dilute the aura of luxury and rarity of traditionally mined diamonds, we believe that this doesn’t make them incomparable. In fact, working with lab-grown diamonds presents an exciting opportunity for us to meet the changing demands of fine jewelry lovers today. The world of fine jewelry is opening up and democratizing, and we think that a lab-grown diamond is a beautiful, ethically sourced, and more affordable alternative that is just as precious as its mined counterpart. 

Lab-grown diamonds are a growing alternative Lucy & Mui brides look for. All of our engagement ring styles can be customized to fit your requirements - we work with lab-grown diamonds of equivalent cut and weight at a much more affordable price point when compared with the mined diamond alternative.

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