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Jewelry Care for a Rainy Season

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Jewelry Care for a Rainy Season

It was a wet and windy start to 2021, as Singapore woke up to heavy showers and plunging temperatures on 1st January. With rainfall forecasted to be above average for the first half of January, it’s time to whip out our umbrellas and rain boots as we head out! 

clear umbrella with water dews

For those who are yearning for a chilly (almost “winter”) break, this rainy season is certainly much-needed relief. After all, it’s not every day we get to wear sweaters in Singapore and get comfy in our bedsheets without sweating a bucket. 

As we cherish the hymn of rains, some of our precious companions may not be having a whale of a time. With moisture and humidity levels at their all-time high during this rainy season, our jewelry may be more susceptible to tarnish, oxidization, or even damage. 

As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” So how can we look after our precious jewelry to help them tide through the rain and keep them sparkling all season long? 

Here are some tips on how: 

1 | Keep moisture at bay 

Just as you remove your jewelry before heading to the shower, pool, or sea, try to avoid wearing jewelry when you head out in the rain. We recommend keeping them in your soft cloth pouches while you’re on the go, and putting them on after you’ve reached the destination and dried yourself up. This helps to minimize any chances of raindrops sneaking up to your precious jewelry, and keep them well-protected even during the heaviest of downpours. 

2 | Keep them squeaky clean 

A cleaning regimen applies all year round, but we assure you = paying a little more attention during this rainy season will be worth your while. Even diamonds, the toughest of gemstones, tend to lose their shine after prolonged exposure to moisture and humidity – and this season has plenty of both. 

A simple at-home cleaning routine is to wipe your jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth dipped in a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. If you find yourself staying indoors more during this season, why not take some time to give every piece some TLC? A little clean goes a long way to retain their shine and luster for future seasons to come. 

3 | Storage is key 

Now that we’ve all established that rain is our jewelry’s worst enemy, what can we do to store these delicate beauties to protect them from gnarly moisture and humidity? 

Try storing your jewelry in airtight containers, and keep silica pouches in the containers to absorb excess humidity. Keep your pieces separate from one another to prevent scratching, tangling, or friction. 

If you find yourself caught in the rain with your jewelry on, make sure they are thoroughly dried before storing them. Avoid using paper towels to dry your jewelry, as the fibers can scratch the surface of your jewelry! Opt for a soft, lint-free cloth instead. 

The rainy season doesn’t have to be a bad time for your jewelry. All they need is some extra care and protection, and you’re all set to enjoy this sweater weather with your sparkling pieces. After all, your precious heirlooms are handcrafted to last a lifetime, and a rainy season’s not going to hold them down! 

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