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International Women's Day: "What Strength Means."

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International Women's Day: "What Strength Means."

In celebration of International Women's Day, we speak to our Brand Ambassadors on what strength means to them.

"To me, strength means being able to stand your ground in the face of adversity. Being surrounded by family and friends along this journey has made me realize that I am capable of anything - and believing in that saves me from looking back on 'what ifs'."
- Dionne

"I learnt the most about strength during the years that I worked a full time job and attended evening classes simultaneously to put myself through university. There were times I felt overwhelmed, but setting a goal helped me focus, and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world."
- Meera

"To me, strength means appreciating who you are at your core even if everything else that you thought was integral to you gets stripped away. It means not being afraid to fumble in the dark, in the unknown, as you rediscover and reinvent yourself."
- Madeleine

"I learnt the most about strength when I gave up a main stream job to become a full-time yoga teacher many years back. Making an unorthodox career switch, I worked through my personal set of challenges and learnt to stand up for what I loved. Through the practice and teaching of yoga, I was lucky to meet like-minded individuals who shared their own stories of strength with me."
- Veron

"To me, strength is the ability to overcome my mental boundaries and push my body to its limit - I feared drowning, so I learnt how to dive. I was afraid of heights, so I joined Airborne. I flinched at the thought of being punched, so I took up muay thai. Every day, I choose to fear less and do more, and that's what strength means."
- Amanda

"To me, strength is the courage to let go and being willing to say no. I've always been ambitious and a little bit of a risk-taker, and as a result often take on a little more than I can handle. Realizing that "yes" to everything often means giving less of myself to the things that really matter, learning to say no and let go has been one of the biggest lessons of strength for me."
- Crystal

"I learnt the most about strength when I became a mother. Maintaining that fine balance between being loving and firm makes me realize everyday that I'm a work in progress. Seeing the world through my daughter's eyes teach me new things everyday."
- Cherie


"I learnt the most about strength when I made the decision to move across continents from Singapore to India on my own at the age of 19. I taught myself to cook, manage my finances, and balanced a job/business and studies. Though I felt overwhelmed at times, taking the plunge made me who I am today and I wouldn't have it any other way."
- Shilpa

"To me, strength is being willing to work hard and demonstrating kindness in our words and actions."
- Kim

"To me, strength means listening to your own voice, standing your ground and having the confidence to stay focused amidst doubts."
- Alyssa

"I learnt the most about strength through leadership. Being female, I was often overlooked when leadership roles arose, and that made me realize the importance of standing tall and speaking up for those in need, something that I constantly remind myself to do."
- Cheryl

"To me, strength is trusting my gut and learning what it means to self-reflect. Learning to choose joy despite my circumstances and uplift others in the process."
- Liana

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