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How to Safely Clean Your Pearls

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How to Safely Clean Your Pearls

Pearls have been considered a luminous sign of purity and beauty for centuries. We love the beauty of a surprising scatter of pearls among diamonds on a wedding band or the delicate weight of pearls on a thin solid gold chain. Pearls evoke a distinct elegance because their soft hues differ from the glint of gemstones. Our freshwater pearls are the epitome of natural jewelry, a creamy white vestige of life under the sea.

Because pearls are a natural material, each unique in its shape and lovely imperfections, it’s important to take great care when cleaning them. Pearls are softer than gemstones. Throughout generations, they can also dull or deepen into warm ivory with age. To keep your pearls in luminous, perfect condition, we recommend the following cleaning rituals:

1. Daily Cleaning | After each wear, gently wipe your pearls with a soft, detergent-free cloth. This is a simple habit to ensure frequent removal of natural oils, dust, and any other debris the pearls come in contact with during daily wear. A buildup of oil and dirt causes pearls to lose their sweet luminance over the months and years.

2. Thorough Cleansing | Thoroughly cleanse your pearls once a year. If you develop a habit of gently wiping your pearls every time you put them away after wearing them, it is likely that you won’t need to give them a thorough cleaning anytime soon. However, if your pearls do take on a visible coating or become dull, it is possible to restore their natural beauty with a more thorough clean.

To do this, combine just a spoonful of gentle soap (hand soap or mild dishwash) with a cup of warm water. Note that pearls can be etched by acid, so avoid chlorinated water or any cleaning products with harsh chemicals. Stir the mixture well to ensure the soap is evenly distributed.

Wet a soft cleaning cloth with the liquid, then rub (don’t scrub!) your pearls lightly. Take your time gently polishing the pearls until the film of dirt and oils fades away.

Pat the pearls dry with a soft, clean cotton cloth. Take care to dry the precious metal of the jewelry piece as well. Ensure that the entire piece is dry before wearing it or storing it. Always remember that pearls require a storage environment that will not dry them out, so keep away from direct sunlight and gemstones that could scratch them.

3. Annual Maintenance | Take your pearl pieces to a jeweler for annual cleaning. Pearls are a natural substance that requires delicate cleaning and maintenance. For optimum luster, consider a professional cleaning from an experienced jeweler.

While pearls are a bit more delicate than the gemstones and precious metals they’re paired with, we believe their natural beauty is so worth the extra care. Our freshwater pearls are crafted carefully within our jewelry pieces to optimize both their luster and their safekeeping. We love our pearls paired with a delicate constellation of diamonds or set in a minimalist stackable band. Since pearls thrive in the humidity of the wearer’s body heat, our best tip for keeping your pearls lovely is to choose a pearl piece you love—one you will wear often.

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