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How to Care for your Moissanite

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How to Care for your Moissanite

In conversations surrounding diamond alternatives for engagement rings, moissanites often come to mind. Second in line for durability (Mohs: 9.25), these lab-created gemstones are ethically made and (way) more budget-friendly than diamonds. Diamonds may traditionally have been coined a girl’s best friend, but in our view moissanites make a wonderful companion as well. 

Just like diamonds, moissanites make perfect modern heirlooms. To keep these stones sparkling at their best, follow these simple care tips. 

1 | Cleaning at home 

With mild soap in one hand, and warm water in another, mix this solution in a cup and place your moissanite ring inside. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently brush the stone to get into the hard to reach areas. Once cleaned, rinse thoroughly with water to remove any soapy residue. 

Once done, dry your ring well on a soft, lint-free cloth. Your precious moissanite will look good as new! 

2 | Ultrasonic cleaners 

Many professional jewelers use ultrasonic cleaners for a more effective, polished cleaning. This cleaning method uses sound waves and a cleaning solvent to loosen dirt particles accumulated on the surface of jewelry. For moissanites that have lost their sparkle over time, ultrasonic cleaners can help to return their shine and luster in no time. 

However, before doing so, do take note of its setting. For more fragile ones like the pavé or prong setting, it’s best to avoid using ultrasonic cleaners as the high-frequency pressure may cause the little stones to fall out. 

3 | Avoid harsh chemicals 

A rainbow-colored stain can appear on the surface of moissanite rings over time. This is known as an “oil slick”, a phenomenon unique to moissanites. The stain builds up from repeated contact with chemicals found in household detergents, makeup, lotions, hairsprays, and chlorine. If you have the unfortunate oil slick on your moissanite center, have a go at cleaning it with some silver polishing solution or send your moissanite in for professional cleaning with us. 

While it is not irreversible, oil slicks can be quite persistent and take some time to remove. To avoid landing at that stage, always remember this rule of thumb: “last on, first off”. Wear your ring only after your beauty routine, remove it before going to the shower, and clean your ring regularly (we recommend once every month!) at home to prevent grime from building up. 

4 | Avoid rough exposure 

While moissanites are very durable, they are certainly not damage-proof. When you’re engaging in physical activities like sports, hiking, or gardening, it’s best to remove your ring to avoid chipped edges around your precious stones. 

When it comes to storage, opt for a fabric-lined compartmentalized case or drawer. This will reduce the risk of damage and prevent unpleasant cases of tangled jewelry. 


The Asscher Moissanite Engagement Ring, USD1,150

Over the years, we’ve had more clients turning to these beautiful diamond alternatives, and we are so here for it. Our moissanites are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, so their versatility makes them perfect for bespoke or customized jewelry pieces. Based on your preferences and price-point, we’ll do our best to craft a one-of-a-kind ring for your precious keepsake. And with these care tips, your beloved moissanite can truly shine for generations to come. 

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