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Gemstones: What does a sapphire symbolise?

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Gemstones: What does a sapphire symbolise?

Whether a pastel wash of blue or a deep, brilliant indigo, there’s something about sapphires that makes us stop and stare. Many brides who prefer a bespoke, one-of-a-kind engagement ring are drawn to the beauty of these regal gemstones.

The magnetism isn’t surprising—sapphires have been highly regarded for centuries among royalty. British Princess Diana wore a blue sapphire engagement ring (Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge now wears it), and Princess Eugenie’s wedding ring features a stunning blush-colored sapphire. Though diamonds will likely remain the most popular center stone of choice for some time, sapphires too have a long history.

What makes this majestic gemstone a popular choice for jewelry that memorializes milestones like a wedding or anniversary?

For some, sapphires are the epitome of elegance. The glittering blue, reminiscent of endless ocean depths, suggest jewelry steeped in commitment. In an engagement ring, sapphires represent faithfulness and sincerity. Unlike the clear brilliance of a diamond or fiery light of ruby, blue sapphires call us back to the deep well of steady love for our partners.

Though many of us imagine only that bright blue color when we think of a sapphire, the stone is mined in a variety of shades in the natural world. Sapphires can be colorless, glow with a hint of minty green, or even comes in shades of pink. The spectrum can be as unique as the wearer.

These natural variations are part of the reason we love sapphires here at Lucy & Mui. The color differences allow for unique shades and constellations uniquely suited to each love story. Sapphires have our heart - let us know what you love in the comments below.

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