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Gemstones: Morganite or White Sapphire?

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Gemstones: Morganite or White Sapphire?

Our everyday jewelry inevitably becomes an extension of ourselves. Our hands look bare without our rings. Pinning our hair back feels vulnerable without the delicate adornments we fasten to our ears each morning. Our engagement rings, wedding bands, and other reminders of our life milestones and romances often become a part of our soul.

Being a part of your stories mean everything—this is why we are committed to providing education and transparent information about the gemstones we use in our fine jewelry. We work hard to build an ethical supply chain and hand-select gem quality stones, all with you in mind.

While most customers choose to represent their romantic love with diamonds, there are colorless or lightly colored alternatives that look just as dazzling to the naked eye. Morganite is one of those. White sapphires are another.

Today we would like to demystify the differences between these glittering gems. For couples who love the dazzle of a diamond but are committed to a smaller budget, we want the beautiful choices to be simple.

MORGANITE | What could be more romantic than a soft pink center stone for a blushing bride? Morganite draws in those who love rose gold or “pretty in pink” color schemes. Rated 8 on the MOH hardness scale, morganite falls within the beryl family. Durable and less costly than diamonds, it reflects a bright radiance and gives the wearer the same shower of sparkles when the gemstone hits the light. The delicate femininity of morganite exudes timeless poetry. Because of it’s subtle hue, morganite also looks beautiful when arranged in a constellation of pave-cut diamonds. The warm sparkle shines against all metals, from rose gold to platinum.

For those brides hoping for just a touch of the unexpected, morganite is a delightful addition to their love story. This enchanting pink is known to symbolize gentle compassion and divine, healing love.

WHITE SAPPHIRE | When you envision looking down at the engagement ring on your finger, what do you see? Flashes of fire and brilliance in the sunshine? A clear, colorless center stone set on a band of lustrous precious metal? If you prefer the classic look of a diamond solitaire, a white sapphire could be the gemstone alternative you didn’t know was possible.

The biggest difference between a diamond and a white sapphire is in the care and keeping of your white sapphire rings, which are slightly more delicate than diamonds. Rated 9 on the MOH hardness scale, sapphires are slightly softer than diamonds and fall within the corundum family. Still, they are the second hardest natural stone (after diamonds). If you treat these timeless pieces like you want them to last for generations to come, we believe they will. Regular cleanings and proper storage are important whether your ring is studded with diamonds, morganite, or white sapphire.

Though morganite and white sapphire engagement rings are finally getting a moment in the spotlight, they are still considered quite unusual. This makes them the perfect alternative center stones for those with a delightfully unusual love story of their own. Why not represent your one-of-a-kind romance with a one-of-a-kind symbol? We love the untraditional—but no less lovely!—sparkle of these rings.

We would love to help you bring your heirloom to life. Please get in touch at - we would love to hear from you!


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