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Our Guide on Engagement Rings for Him

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Our Guide on Engagement Rings for Him

Traditionally, engagement rings have represented a bride-to-be’s promise. Engagement rings evoke feminine romanticism, the hope of things to come. But what about the men who admire the symbolic practice of wearing a ring to signify commitment? What of the men who eagerly await a proposal, complete with a beautiful ring on his finger?

Here are Lucy & Mui, we are honored to celebrate all milestones, from traditional proposals to wildly romantic elopements to engaged couples who each want an adornment to symbolize their undying love.

Though we have a wide selection of men’s wedding bands that also function as engagement rings, we know sometimes men have a special design in mind for the engagement. We’ve been delighted to play a role in so many couple’s love stories through the design and crafting of bespoke engagement and wedding rings. Though every couple is unique, we have found the following factors most common for those in search of a ring for him:

A minimal aesthetic | Though you know your partner’s preferences best, our experience shows that men gravitate toward a sleek, unobtrusive design. A simple thread of gold encircling his finger makes a statement just as a gem-encrusted band does. For the perfect blend of simplicity and style without a diamond, consider a curved or braided metal for visual appeal. Whatever the initial design, there is a skilled artisan behind it who can make adjustments depending on your husband-to-be’s taste and comfort.


Comfort | Both men and women appreciate beautiful rings that are also comfortable. For men with active lifestyles or who work with their hands, comfort is key. Consider whether your groom would prefer a thin band, perfect for those who prefer a lightweight, unobtrusive feel, or a thicker, comfortable band with a bit more metal to act as a cushion. Since all our rings are made-to-order and individually hand-finished by master craftsmen, we can ensure lasting comfort for your groom through a bespoke order.


Durability | Engagement and wedding rings should last as long as your love: forever. Engagement rings for him often exude a subtler romance than feminine diamond solitaires, which makes them more durable and snag-proof. Still, it’s crucial to consider a durable precious metal, one that will last a lifetime. Whatever the hue, our gold jewelry is all 14 karat gold. This balances beauty and durability since 14k gold is an alloy of 58% gold and 42% other durable, time-tested precious metal.

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