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3 Tips on Working From Home

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3 Tips on Working From Home

While our battle with the pandemic is far from over, it’s heartening to see some countries slowly easing their lockdown measures. Singapore, for instance, is cautiously moving through Phase 2 of its post-circuit breaker measures, reopening retail businesses, beaches and parks, as well as restaurant dine-ins. For many of us, it surely is a relieving transition towards our normal lives pre-pandemic. After all, for many young couples who aren’t living under the same roof, physical dates are finally in session!

But one thing remains constant for now, that is likely to continue into the foreseeable future – telecommuting. Four months ago, the thought of working from home may have sounded like a dream. But now, distractions, lower productivity, and Zoom fatigue are real challenges that many of us are dealing with. When the line between work and home gets blurred, it also feels like we’re working for longer hours and taking fewer breaks.

Whether you’ve found your groove with your remote arrangement, or you’re still struggling to make telecommuting work for you, we have some ideas to boost productivity while taking care of your personal wellbeing. What’s great is that you can also adopt these habits when you finally move back to the office. Have a read to learn about them.  


1 | Use a paper anchor

Every day, place a piece of paper, or a post-it note, beside your computer. On it, write down your most important tasks to focus on that day. Sometimes, we might get bogged down by an overwhelming chorus of to-dos from different colleagues and bosses, so having a physical paper next to you can really keep you grounded. Treat this paper as a kind reminder to use your time for what matters most. Also, there’s nothing more gratifying than ticking everything off your list, to signal the end of your workday.


2 | Set strategic breaks

While taking breaks is common advice, deciding when to take them and for how long is trickier. We would say that it depends on your individual internal cues. For instance, if you feel worn out from endless Zoom meetings, take a short break by making yourself coffee or tea, or doing some light stretching to relax your strained muscles. Take time to disengage and recollect yourself. Once you’ve recharged, you’ll be ready to take on more tasks with a clearer mind.


3 | Keep the “commute”

To create a work-life balance, try using the time you would usually spend commuting to work to practice some self-care. 20 minutes of exercise, reading, or listening to podcasts can help you mentally clock in and out of your work routine. Most importantly, mark these 20 minutes as your personal time and free yourself from the distractions of work and emails. You may find yourself creating a healthy work-life boundary without compromising productivity.


What the New Normal Means for Us 

Viewings with our Brand Ambassadors

While our team at Lucy & Mui has been working remotely, we’ve been finding new ways to stay connected with our clients. Whether it’s through private viewings on Google Hangouts, reaching out via Instagram, or arranging at-home viewings (yes, all you introverts in Singapore can view our pieces by yourself, no pressure, in the comfort of your home!), we’re adjusting to this new normal by creating safe, but uniquely personal experiences with you.

Times have been challenging, but it’s heartwarming to see more Brand Ambassadors joining us, making a difference in their lives, as well as the lives of those around them. We've always believed in flexible work arrangements to empower women from all walks of life, and now more than ever, we're committed to enabling more female entrepreneurs with the means to chart their personal growth. 

A new way to earn flexibly

We've also begun our pilot of Lucy & Mui, CREATE. 

Through Lucy & Mui, we’ve had the privilege of meeting so many uniquely talented designers. From soon-to-be design graduates, to seasoned designers or ladies (or men) who have an amazing penchant for sketching but have never had the opportunity to bring their talent to life.

CREATE was launched with a singular mission – to support up-and-coming designers by showcasing their designs to the world.

We've always envisioned a world where our jewelry symbolizes so much more than wearable art. Where each piece stands for something better - be it a safe and sustainable platform to view with our Brand Ambassadors or a new way to work and earn through CREATE

We are working hard to build a safe and enriching space here at Lucy & Mui, through conversations that go far beyond our jewelry. We hope to connect in new ways, and we're always here for anything you may need. If you have suggestions, leave a comment below or connect with us on Instagram. We would love to hear from you!   

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