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Can You Get Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing?

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Can You Get Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing?

We never forget our proposal stories. A moment etched in your minds, passed on to your children and grandchildren, and folded into your family history forever. We never take for granted the privilege of being invited into a couple’s love story. We thrive on the magic of crafting unique heirlooms that signify true love.

But before your engagement is sealed with a kiss, before the butterflies swell in your stomach as you ask the big question, there is work to be done, and questions that need answers - the biggest of which is: What is her ring size?

Whether you’ve shopped for rings together or dream of a surprise proposal, knowing your partner’s ring size is crucial. Many grooms-to-be prefer the element of surprise, so a little bit of detective work is inevitable, prior to popping the question.

Here are our favorite methods for figuring out her ring size without giving away your surprise:

1. Take her ring to a jewelry store. If your partner already wears rings, especially on one of her ring fingers, this is the perfect place to start. A local jeweler can help you estimate a size based on which finger she normally uses for her stackable ring or cocktail ring. This works best if it’s a ring she wears on a ring finger.

2. Trace her ring. If taking one of her rings out of the house leaves too much to change, borrow it for just a minute or two. Note which finger she wears the ring on, then trace the ring’s outline (inside and outside) on a piece of paper. This measurement will help us choose a size estimate - though we have to say, the margin for error can be a little high on this one.

3. Enlist one of her friends to ask. Most proposals are not completely unexpected. If the two of you have been together for a while, it won’t seem unusual to your partner if a friend asks about wedding plans. Ask one of her friends to casually bring up your partner’s thoughts on engagement rings—and ask her if she knows her ring size. If she doesn’t, the friend could ask to measure it “just in case he asks later.”

4. Ask her mother. Her mother can offer support and direction in a few ways: she might know your bride’s size already, she might have an estimate of her ring finger size, or she might have a clever way to bring it up during a mother-daughter chat.

5. Sneak the question into a conversation. It’s tricky to discuss ring sizes with a partner if you’re hoping to keep everything a surprise. But there are creative ways to sneak the question into a conversation. For instance, if you routinely buy Mother’s Day jewelry for your mom, why not say you need a ring size for an estimation or comparison?

6. Recruit a married friend to help. If you have friends who are married or engaged, ask her girlfriend in advance if she’ll offer to let your partner try on her ring. This will give you a ballpark range—was the friend’s ring too small, too big, or just right?

7. Buy her a costume ring “for fun.” From vending machine toy rings to simple stacking rings at a giant retail store, it’s easy to acquire a ring made of plastic or cheap metal. Deliver this to her as a small gift or even for a laugh. Notice if it fits on her ring finger—and if it doesn’t, whether it is too big or too small.

8. Measure with a string. If your partner is a deep sleeper, wait until she’s sound asleep to wrap a thread around her ring finger. To do this, wrap the string just under the base of her middle knuckle, then mark the point where the ends meet with a pen.

9. If all else fails, ask her. Many brides-to-be are delighted and surprised by proposals even when they suspected it was coming soon. If you and your partner have discussed marriage, it’s natural to ask for her ring size. Tell her it’s for the future, for a time when you’ve made more life decisions, if you think that will help keep the proposal a surprise.

Though these tips are meant to help you figure out her ring size without giving too much away, many couples have expressed a preference to select a ring together. Browsing rings together alleviates the anxiety of determining size and style alone. No matter how you choose to proceed, we’ll be here every step of the way - connect with us for a private viewing or drop us an email with questions, we’d love to help.

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