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Beautiful Untraditional Engagement Rings

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Beautiful Untraditional Engagement Rings

The gift of a ring is powerful. A brush of precious metal slipped onto your finger. The glimmer of a gemstone handpicked for you. For many, giving jewelry is a sign of commitment. It’s a gift meant to last decades and be passed on for generations.

And engagement rings? They are in an emotional class of their own.

While diamonds have long been considered the classic engagement ring of choice, we’ve noticed a rise in alternatives to the classic engagement stone. In fact, here at Lucy & Mui we are grateful to have been invited into the stories of couples who have fallen in love with one-of-a-kind stones from sapphires, topaz, morganites to spinels. Just as each diamond ring is one of a kind, so too are the sparkling gemstones in alternative engagement rings.

If wearing an extraordinary engagement ring intrigues you, here are our top centerstone picks:

SAPPHIRE | Sapphires range from brilliant blue to colorless (and any of a dozen lovely hues in between). Because sapphires have been associated with sacred, eternal love for centuries, couples often gravitate to sparkling stones for their "something blue." But if sapphires spark your curiosity, we hope you take time to explore the full color spectrum. Sapphires can emit the most romantic, soft blue light, but they can also glow with pastel colors from pinks, greens, orange and grey.

TOPAZ | The glassy, minimalist beauty of a well-cut asscher topaz is a sight to behold. It represents hope, love, and happiness. Topaz also provides a similar dazzle and sparkle to diamonds, but at a lower price-point. For this reason, topaz is one of the most common diamond alternatives for engagement rings. Because each gemstone is raw—unique in its own special way—we find topaz stones in a variety of colors, from sky blue to the renowned pinkish-orange splash of "imperial topaz" gemstones.

EMERALD | These brilliant green gemstones are perfect for a love that is bold and untraditional. Emeralds often include finely woven lines of inclusions that add to, rather than detract from, the beauty of the stone.

RUBY | Nothing says romance like a deep, fiery red ruby. Ruby centerstones pair well with diamond-encrusted bands to bring together tradition and unexpected fiery red tones. Pairing rubies with rose gold is also a beautiful combination for those who enjoy warm metal tones.

As with our diamonds, we believe in sourcing our gemstones only from the most ethical sources. After all, a priceless, timeless adornment meant to symbolize your love should be untarnished. And not only are these gemstones just as romantic as traditional diamonds, but they often come at a lower price-point too.>


Once you’ve chosen the perfect centerstone to represent your love, it’s time to choose the setting and precious metal. Traditional gold will never go out of style, though the pendulum of trends has swung toward white gold for several years now. For couples hoping for something a little different, rose gold can be a stunning alternative. Rose gold is also more durable because of the copper within (which also prevents rose gold from tarnishing).

Whether you prefer a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring or a nontraditional gemstone, a traditional gold band or a rose gold element, remember that the choice is yours. What do you want to see when you look down at the sparkling ring on your finger? What symbolizes your love best? What reminds you of the beauty, the commitment, and the precious memories behind your love? Whatever you envision—that is the perfect ring for you.

If you have any questions about unique jewelry pieces or past or current styles, please get in touch. It bring us true joy to be a part of commemorating couples' love stories.

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