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4 Pandemic Wedding To-Dos

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4 Pandemic Wedding To-Dos

When it comes to planning a wedding, contingency plans are always there to brace for the worst. What if the bride or groom falls ill on the wedding day? Or a heavy downpour forces your outdoor reception to be brought in? Or your food caterer doesn’t arrive on time and there’s nothing on the table? Of all the wedding disasters that could happen, no one could have predicted a global pandemic and its ensuing repercussions on nuptial plans all around the world.  

While some couples have postponed their weddings to 2021, others have taken this difficult situation in their stride. From Animal Crossing e-weddings to virtual solemnizations, many newlyweds have ushered in new and unconventional ways of saying “I do”

In Singapore, although Covid-19 restrictions have been further eased for wedding receptions, with the previous limit of 50 attendees doubled to 100, some couples may still choose to keep their celebrations small and close-knit, preferring intimacy to grandeur. Others have rushed to extend their wedding guest lists, relieved that they can go ahead with their initial plans. Regardless of which camp you’re in, weddings have taken on a new face during this time.

At Lucy & Mui, we see this as an opportunity to reimagine traditional wedding customs, ideas, and celebrations. What couples shouldn’t lose sight of - amid the flurry of changes and new developments - is their love for each other, and the intimate details on their special day. 

While we’re no experts at planning weddings (that’s what your vendors are for!), we know a thing or two about celebrating love in meaningful, special ways. Here are just 4 simple ways for soon-to-wed couples to hold a memorable (and safe) wedding in these extraordinary, unprecedented times. 

1 | Remember the why

Whether you’re holding a mini-mony and postponing a larger banquet to next year, or holding a single, pared-down wedding with the current Covid-19 restrictions, remember the why. Smaller weddings mean only your nearest and dearest on your special day - remember the love you're celebrating, and embrace the traditions that mean the most to you, to add a special element to your day.

2 | Get creative with your decor

If there’s a color palette or theme you’re longing to try, however whimsical or outlandish it may be, working with a pared down guest list will allow your creativity to shine. Take this opportunity to get creative with the space you have, and add personal touches for your guests to make your celebration that much more meaningful. 

3 | A menu with single-serve options

Instead of having guests line up at a bar or receive drinks from communal bottles, opt for single-serve drinks like mini bottles of sparkling water and wine, complete with paper straws. A festive celebration it may be, these minute considerations go a long way in keeping your guests assured and safe. 

Tiered wedding cakes are traditionally served at wedding receptions, but why not swap them out with mini single-serve desserts? Having a dessert table with bite-sized confections (like cupcakes and brownies!) can be a lovely alternative, as it not only allows every one of your guests to enjoy a pretty work of art, but also alleviates concerns of sharing sweet treats during this time. 

4 | Blend safe distancing with fun 

Of course, safe distancing should be top of mind for any wedding right now. But that doesn’t mean that your celebrations can’t be fun and enjoyable for all guests! Consider non-physical activities that allow you to connect with your guests in meaningful ways. This can include gifting small mementos to mark the special occasion, or incorporating virtual elements like livestreams, photo booths, and live bands. 

While our collective battle against the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over, celebrating these momentous milestones doesn’t have to be forsaken. This year, we’re truly inspired by couples who continue to forge ahead with their nuptials, choosing to focus on their love and commitment to each other in these times of uncertainty.

To all the newlyweds and soon-to-weds pressing on with your special day - remember the why, and everything else will fall in place.

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