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  • The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the Man in your life
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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the Man in your life

Men often seem to be particularly hard to buy for - probably because the marketing hype would have us believe that all guys want, is an ironic T-shirt and set of tools. We think it's time to raise expectations when it comes to treating our menfolk during the holiday season, so we've compiled a list of original suggestions for the man in your life.

1. Multi-function Watch

If your man is the type who has never really grown out of gadgets, this might just be the perfect gift.  Fossil's Q Founder features plenty of up-to-the-minute technology, without looking over-designed. We love the way it can count your steps, sync to your phone, remind you to prepare for that meeting - all paired with a clean black screen and traditional leather strap.


2. Up his Scarf Game

Most guys seem to like wearing scarves, but get all bashful about actually shopping for them. If your man is lucky enough to receive a good scarf this holiday, don't panic if his first response is a slight lift of the eyebrows. Get him something luxurious and stylish, and he'll son be cravat knotting with the best of them.

We love this amazing Aussie designed scarf in pure grey cashmere, with hints of bright mustard for a subtle shot of originality. And if he really doesn't like it... well, this is one item we'd be happy to 'borrow!'


3. Personalised Presents

If you're looking for a gift for male friend or colleague, drinking accessories are often an obvious choice. But why not choose something which will make your gift stand out from the crowd?

Personalisation is a major trend right now, and it can be as simple as choosing a monogrammed version of an every day item. We adore these golden glasses from Anthro - just the right shape for a generous glug of festive whisky served on the rocks.

Gilded Monogram Glass by Anthropologie

4. Office Novelties ... which he will actually use

Don't succumb to the temptation of naff executive gifts - leave the stress balls, tabletop golf sets and USB mug warmers in the bargain bin, where they belong!

If you have male friends or relatives who work in an office environment, why not gift something which they will want to look at and use every day? British stationers Present & Correct have developed a cult following since their carefully curated modernist ranges hit the online marketplace. We think this beautiful bentwood desk tray would make for a truly classic gift.

Bent Plywood Tray from Present & Correct

5. Boring underwear...

It might seem kind of dull, but hey - some men refuse to go shopping, ever. If you have this sort of man in your life, Christmas is an opportunity to refresh the murkier corners of his closet. We're not going to comment on whether we think there are any other benefits to cladding your fella if a quality pair of undies...

Calvin Klein Trunks, from $99 AUS for a pack of 3


6. The not-quite-a Man Bag

How do guys cope without handbags? We don't know, and frankly, feel sorry for any male not man enough to carry a bag. Fortunately, there are other options out there which can prevent over-stuffed pocket syndrome.

Check out this leather organiser from Knomo, designed to fit an ipad as well as all the other bits which would otherwise be floating around in his jeans. Even better, a battery pack is available which converts the organiser into a charger too.

7. Sporty Types

Not every guy is going to appreciate fashion-led gifts, and why force them to fit into a mold that doesn't fit? If the number 1 man in your life is most at home in the great outdoors, treat him to something that will really make him smile. This kayak is bound to inspire anyone to take to the nearest beach or river:


 So, what will you be buying the man in your life this Christmas?

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