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4 Things You Need for a Night of Serious Black Friday Cyber-Shopping.

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Black Friday is nearly upon us, and shopping season can begin in earnest!

We all love a good excuse for a bit of shopping, so why not make an occasion out of it from your own home? With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to settle down, get organised, and shop those internet deals like you mean business.

Online shopping needn't be boring... in fact, any excuse will do in our book. But with Black Friday offering the greatest deals to be found all year, we decided to put together some suggestions for making the most of this one-night-only online extravaganza!

First... Get organized

Don't get suckered straight in to the first deal which catches your eye - take time to make a few lists so you can shop savvy. Black Friday is a great opportunity to start picking up some great value Christmas gifts, so grab a pen and scribble down a few ideas for your nearest and dearest.

Of course, Black Friday shouldn't be all about buying for others... we're sure you've been a good girl too this year, and a bit of impulse buying can be a great pick-me-up. If you're trying to stick to a budget this year though, it might be a good idea to make a quick note of the things you've really been hankering after recently, so you can search for the best deals armed with a shopping strategy!

If you love making a good list and checking off your achievements, check out deals on personal organizers. We're lusting after this beautiful organizer from Filofax, to help tear us away from the phone screen:

The Original Organizer Patent: $111 USD

The genuine leather covers are sure to last for years, and promise a lifetime of perfectly executed plans. It comes in various colors, but we love the nude shade for the feminine touch it brings to a professional style.

Get your shopping shoes on...

No need to lace up your converses for a trek round the mall - internet shopping is all about browsing from the comfort of your own home. So - get comfortable! Slip into your favourite onesie (too much keyboard action means all romance is off the cards anyway) and a pair of cosy old slippers, and get ready to browse the aisles from your sofa.

What, no slippers?  Check these out for the ultimate in luxurious sofa-bound footwear:

Handmade Tri-tassel Slippers by Anthropologie


Pure wool and natural suede soles (for all that schlepping to the fridge) and colourful tassles - what's not to love? Stick these anthro slippers on your Christmas wish list and you might just get lucky.

Don't suffer in silence...

Black Friday shopping can get just as stressful as queuing in the January sales when things get frantic - baskets empty, products sell out, and nerves can get fraught. Stick on your favourite chill out tunes or - even better - start a series on Netflix on someone else's laptop, so you can browse at your leisure.

This season, we can't decide whether to indulge in the new Marvel series 'Jessica Jones', or get lost in the historical romance of Anna Karenina. TBH, we'll probably do both.

Anna Karenina available on Netflix from November 2015

Ooh, and snacks...

Shopping is hard work, OK? It takes a lot of energy, and you only get one night to make the most of the online deals. So keep your energy levels up by getting in some ice-cream or doughnuts, or whatever snack is going to keep you sweet while you get your browse on. We're feeling tempted by a special November deal on Fluff, mmm...

Marshmallow Fluff currently $3.95 AUS from the Biggest Lollie Shop in the World (!)

And don't forget...

This Black Friday, we have some great deals to offer at Lucy and Mui too.  With 10% off across the entire store, and FREE international shipping. Simply enter the code "BLACKFRIDAY" at checkout to claim our Black Friday deals.

Our Seis Classic Diamond Earrings // White Gold (Single) are available at only 108USD:


Get ready for party season with our Mod Baguette Diamond necklace, reduced to just 283.50 USD:

Or maybe you'll be tempted by our best-selling Bead Diamond Ring in Gold, for the exclusive price of 175.50 USD:

So many lovely things to browse, so little time! We only offer these deals once a year, so take a look before you miss out.

What do you do to settle in for a night of passionate online perusing? Sound off in the comments if you think we missed anything!



The Lucy & Mui Team

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