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  • A Simple, Stylish Thanksgiving
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A Simple, Stylish Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the holiday when we come together with family and friends, and take time to be thankful for each other's company. It's all about good food, shared company, and gratitude.

It's also the beginning of the holiday season - and we are all starting to feel festive! But don't peak too soon - a great meal and simple family day, put together with love and gratitude, will keep the true spirit of Thanksgiving present, wherever you are in the world.

That doesn't mean you can't have fun styling your home, offering some special treats, and creating a holiday feel. We thought we'd share some simple ideas for creating a Thanksgiving to remember.

The Perfect Holiday Sweater

Thanksgiving should be spent enjoying the cosy company of your family - so throw on something comfortable and relax. Knitwear can be just as stylish as a party frock, so choose something which is going to make you look and feel great. We love this boatneck sweater from Victoria's Secret - the cropped sleeves won't drag in your turkey gravy, and the hints of yellow add a contemporary twist to the classic style.


Boatneck Sweater by Victoria's Secret: £70 USD


Something Fun for the Kids

Put away the board games, and get the children involved in a fun project which will help them appreciate the spirit of Thanksgiving whilst they're waiting for dinner to be brought out! There are many versions of this idea online, but all you really need is a pile of branches and some paper. Send the kids out in the yard to search for sticks whilst you're scraping veggies, and then help them write out some gratitude tags to hang on the branches for a display which is meaningful and attractive, too.

We love the way Simply Vintage Girl has styled her Thanksgiving tree:



Have the kids distribute tags amongst the grown-ups too - we all need reminding to take a moment to be grateful for all the good things in life.

Feeling Crafty?

These gorgeous napkins are the perfect project to help you get in the Thanksgiving mood. The Purlbee offers simple instructions for this pleasing project, which anyone with basic sewing skills could put together:

Learn how at the Purlbee - which also offers kits if you aren't sure where to source the materials.

Seasonal Drinks

Whether you're a coffee lover, or your family are on a health kick, be sure to offer a warming beverage which captures the cosy spirit of Fall.

For those of us who love a great coffee as we savour a slice of pumpkin pie, Starbucks have brought out a special blend for Thanksgiving. Also handy for Uncles and Aunts who take the 'spirit' of the season too literally!

If you're trying to cut down on the caffeine, there are plenty of warming tea blends out there too. Try a liquorice, fennel or aniseed herbal teas for a drink which is warm and sweet -  and great for your digestive system too. For something really special (and a little more traditional) you could offer your family something like Teavana's Ruby Spice Cider tea blend - not only does it looks beautiful, but it's bound to bring some festive flavour from Thanksgiving right through to Christmas.

And Relax...

After all that cooking, eating and the endless cleaning up; make sure you take time to relax. Sometimes the pressure of hosting the perfect Thanksgiving, can leave you feeling more stressed than grateful and reflective. Be sure to plan some real downtime this holiday, even if it's just chilling with your beloved and a Netflix binge.

This Thanksgiving, we're dreaming of snuggling up with a quilt and this gorgeous knit robe from Anthropologie. We love the deep slate colour of the rib fabric, which looks like it would perfect for luxurious, lazy lounging:


What are your essentials for a great Thanksgiving?


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