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5 Modern ways to wear Diamonds

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If you've found yourself browsing this site, you probably appreciate contemporary styling and quality accessories just as much as we do.  Whilst diamonds are undoubtedly gorgeous and glamorous, our aesthetic focusses on modern shapes and styles.  A well cut diamond doesn't need to scream its arrival to everyone in the room: its natural beauty will shine best when worn lightly and with confidence. 

With diamonds no longer reserved just for engagement rings, more women (and men) are investing in their own diamond jewelry, and expressing themselves through a range of modern ways to wear.  We've put together these 5 contemporary ideas for incorporating diamonds into your wardrobe, to inspire those who like to inject a little beauty into their life every day.

1.  With your favourite casual wear

Gone are the days when the diamond necklace was something to be kept in a special drawer - only exhumed for weddings and dinner parties, and generally washed out by a garish cocktail dress.  We believe diamonds are supposed to be worn any time you choose, but especially on those days you just feel like snuggling up in a favorite piece of cosy knitwear!  And what better partner than this Alexander Wang cashmere and wool pullover, which will set off the sparkle on a subtle diamond perfectly.  The deep neckline makes it the ideal piece for framing a simple classic, such as our teardrop diamond necklace. 

Image: Harvey Nichols/T by Alexander Wang


Image: LucyandMui

A perfect, clear diamond also looks amazing against a crisp, white shirt.  This look is something you can work in the office, or dress down for some casual weekend relaxation which a hint of luxury.  We love this beautiful boyfriend shirt from Annaquan, and think it sets off our understated necklaces perfectly:


2.  With I-Don't-Even-Care Hair

When wearing diamond earrings, there is a temptation to make sure your hair is perfectly styled with not a strand out of place.  Surely, you owe it to your best accessories to make sure they are shown off?  Well, the thing about diamonds is, they know how to steal the show all by themselves.  Their natural beauty can have a particularly strong impact when worn against a naturally relaxed hair style, so there's no need to stress or save your favourite pieces for special occasions.  Of course, you're free to spend as long as you like arranging that artfully deconstructed messy bun, we won't tell anyone. 

You can browse our range of classic diamond earrings here.

3. With tattoos and eyeliner

Approaches to fashion are more varied than ever before, with women enjoying the economic freedom and confidence to experiment with everything from tattoos to fabulous make-up.  These looks are no longer niches to be spotted in the backstreets of major cities; they can be found everywhere from the catwalk to the boardroom.  If you enjoy playing with your style, diamonds could be the perfect complement to your original look.  They can offset an androgynous outfit with a subtle sparkle, or vamp up a gothic look for a major impact which will bring a little luxury to your style. 

Cara Delivingne has a well recognised grungey style, and often incorporates diamonds into both her high fashion and casual looks.  Here, she can be seen rocking a pile of stacking rings to bring some glamour into an otherwise dark, sleek wardrobe.  You can see our range of wearable stacking rings here.

Image: FashionManiac

4.  With friends

Remember those friendship bracelets we all made in High School?  Hours of knotting colored thread, which would then be proudly worn as a symbol of your popularity until they fell off?  Grown-ups can do friendship bracelets too - and how better to acknowledge a life long friend, than with a much longer lasting diamond bracelet.  This might sound excessive if we were talking about the garish tennis bracelets worn in 90's films, but today's contemporary aesthetic is simple and minimalist - and also more affordable.

A perfectly cut subtle diamond, hanging from a gossamer thin chain, could be the perfect gift for a special girlfriend which is sure to be treasured forever.  Maybe you have a sister turning 21, or you want to thank that best friend who turned out to be a superstar bridesmaid.  Perhaps, it's simply time to treat yourself.  Whatever the occasion, the current minimalist trends in jewelry mean bracelets are having a moment again.  You can browse our range of beautiful bracelets here.

5.  With a clear conscience

Diamonds are always going to be a considered purchase, whatever your style and budget.  Take your time choosing the perfect style for you: maybe you're lusting after a classic diamond necklace which can be worn any time, or perhaps you are after something softer and more feminine.  Whatever your style, we know contemporary buyers tend to come with an ethical conscience and awareness of world issues.  This is why we only use Kimberley certified diamonds.  The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme supports the recognition of legitimate governments by the UN, and means buyers can be sure that their supports efforts to establish peace in vulnerable parts of the world.

A cut diamond being worked on by jewelers.  Image: "Diamant tropfen" by Mario Sarto. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -


A perfectly finished, ethically sourced diamond in timeless setting, for our seis classic diamond necklace:


There you have it - 5 modern ways to wear diamonds. If you've got more ideas to share, give us a shout in the comments below!



// The Lucy & Mui Team //

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