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4 Contemporary Ways to get the Rose Gold Trend

4 Contemporary Ways to get the Rose Gold Trend

Rose gold is no longer just for jewelry - there are many ways to bring its warm, pink-hued tones to any lifestyle. The popularity of this flattering gold shade originates from nineteenth century Russian glamor, and later Western post-war excess. Today, the key to working the rose gold trend is remembering that it’s not about flashing bling, but dropping golden warmth and hints of shimmer into your usual style for an easy, quietly luxe look.

1: The Hair

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have natural strawberry blond hair; but if not, there are now salon-based and drugstore options for boosting your locks with a rosy undertone. This is the grown-up sister of last year’s punky pastel pink hair, and much easier to maintain. If you have naturally blond or golden hair, experiment by mixing layers of brown and deep pink temporary dyes to find a shade which flatters your skin tone. If your hair is darker, you need only lighten a few section or ends, use a purple-toned conditioner to calm down any brassiness, and finish off with temporary pink dyes to get in on the rose gold hair trend.


Image: Pop Sugar Photograpy/Benjamin Stone

2: The Home

Copper has been a major trend in interiors recently, and some of the best quality coppers can bring a rose tint to their lustre which is reminiscent of rose gold. Whilst mass produced copper fittings tend to have an orangey quality which can be rather brash, old fashioned quality products shine with a pinkish glow which brings a cosy quality to your urge for the industrial. A great example is Anthro’s British manufactured Spun Reflector Lamp. The traditional production methods and simple design will allow this rose gold-toned pendant shade to create an impact which doesn’t scream from the rooftops.

Image: Anthropologie

3: The Nails

Full on novelty nail art is all and well and good at parties and Christmas time, but for a classy look which won’t drown out your jewelry, try a rose gold French manicure. Painting the tips needs a steady hand, but nail tape and French manicure stencils are readily available and will ensure you achieve the neat lines which will catch the eye for all the right reasons.

Image: MeganJoy

4: The Jewelry

The most obvious way to wear rose gold needs to be done with an understated confidence, to keep your look contemporary rather than brash. Simple, beautiful bands have become a cult trend because they are so wearable – elegant worn alone, or stacked with other favorites from your jewelry box, rose gold can dress up a casual wardrobe yet perfectly complements a chic evening outfit.

The final piece in our rose gold round-up epitomises today’s trend for luxe minimalism: the aesthetic circle setting of the stone in our rose gold bead diamond ring brings a fresh edge, without detracting from the classic status of a solitaire ring. This investment piece will reward you with a timeless simplicity which delivers high concept style.

image: lucyandmui

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