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4 Reasons Why the Gig Economy Could Be Perfect for You

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4 Reasons Why the Gig Economy Could Be Perfect for You

From entrepreneurship blogs to your social media newsfeeds to Fast Company magazine, we’ve all witnessed the recent buzz over the gig economy. And regardless of whether you’ve even given it a second thought, chances are that you are a participant in some way. So what is the gig economy exactly?

It’s the independent, no-contract, short-or-long-term (you decide!) workforce that is sweeping the globe. 

And we are head-over-heels for how it is empowering women to build better lives for themselves. Think about the explosion of self-employment options in the last few years. Airbnb? Gig economy. Uber? Check. We live in a world that celebrates ambition, and whether you are a consumer or a contributor (or both), chances are that the gig economy can work for you.


Here’s what we love about this grassroots, female-driven alternative work style:

  • It’s easy to begin. Setting up a business in a brick-and-mortar store requires upfront costs that many of us simply don’t have at our disposal. The gig economy allows women to work for themselves with minimal setup. Here at Lucy and Mui we are especially proud of our Brand Ambassador program, which allows you to begin your own journey to taking back your finances… and at no cost to join. And we are beyond thrilled to facilitate a sustainable income to those who love the label.


  • It’s open to anyone. Ladies, whether you are a stay-home mom, a banker, a marketing professional, or a university student, you can find success in the gig economy. We love that our Brand Ambassador Programme has seen students develop a freelance side-hustle, or busy mamas find a way to turn their passion for a product into a little bit of profit on the side. Our mission at Lucy and Mui is entrepreneurship that is available to all women.

  • It’s flexible. Women. are. busy. Crazy busy. The wonderful news is that engaging with the gig economy isn’t like taking on the burden of a full-time job. The hours are flexible, the effort is flexible… you are able to work smarter, not harder. We love that the gig economy allows us to make a bit of extra cash on the side, OR dive in and truly augment their income. No matter how you choose to do it, funneling your work effort into the gig economy always allows for more flexibility than a traditional job!


  • It’s exciting, not exhausting. We believe that work should feed your heart, your passions, your interests. Ultimately, we want women to make a living doing something that excites them. If you’re a writer, could you market those skills? If you love the warmth of welcome of being a great hostess, could you open up your home to Airbnb? If you love our jewelry, and our belief that exquisite pieces should be sustainable and make the world a better place, could you become a Brand Ambassador? Once you shift your mindset away from traditional, bureaucratic careers, a world of possibilities opens up for you!

We are thrilled about what’s happening for women in the world today, and hopeful for the future. Whether you want to freelance your own skills or support an existing brand, we hope you believe in yourself and take that small step of faith toward greater success.


If you are located in Singapore and interested in dipping your toes into the gig economy world, you are invited to learn more about Lucy & Mui's program for Brand Ambassadors. Our only criteria is that you love our label and what we stand for -- a sustainable way of giving back, built on our core belief of better.

Feel free to check out the program specifics here!

No matter your specific interests or skills, we wish you success on your journey. The gig economy is here to stay, and we are excited to see so many women forging their own paths to greater financial freedom. 

In keeping with our thoughts on taking your life into your own hands, food for thought with our quote of the month "Well behaved women rarely change the world."

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