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We're Adjusting Our Pricing

Quality is one of the hallmarks of our label - all of us at Lucy & Mui are continually working to maintain our commitment to great design, quality workmanship and sustainable sourcing.

Each of these factors contribute to your personalized Lucy & Mui piece, and we are determined to continually deliver better. As part of our ongoing efforts to support sustainable sourcing and deliver great design and quality workmanship, we will be implementing a small increase in some of our prices. Our price changes will take effect from 31 July 2017.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds and Gemstones

This means that we work only with jewellers and suppliers that are committed to sustainable sourcing, so we can ensure that each Lucy & Mui piece upholds our commitment - and this doesn't always mean the lowest cost.

Quality Workmanship

Each piece by Lucy & Mui is cast, set and polished by hand.  The intricacy of our pieces are testament to the thought and skill that goes behind every piece. The jewellers we work with have decades of experience in jewelry making.

Great Design

We've been told our style is distinctive - and we couldn't agree more. Our designers have worked grueling nights to deliver one-of-a-kind designs that are set apart from mass market jewelry - and we believe their hard work should not go unnoticed.


We will honor our current pricing for any purchases placed from now till 31 July. On top of that, to thank you for your continual support and understanding, we will be offering you a one-time discount of 10% off our ENTIRE LINE when you enter "BETTER" at checkout.

If your orders are placed before 31 July, you'll save (on average) 20-25% off our new prices.

Questions or Concerns? Just drop us a note at, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.



The Lucy & Mui Team

There’s Nothing Wrong with a Uniform x Lucy & Mui

Who said you can’t wear the same thing everyday?
Alexander Wang does it.

So does Mark Zuckerberg, Christopher Nolan and Karl Lagerfeld, a person who needs no introduction when it comes to fashion.

And I’m not forgetting about the ladies. Then Art Director and now Creative Director for Sony, Matilda Kahl gained internet notoriety last year for wearing the same silk white shirt, black trousers and black leather rosette to work every day. It became so popular that her workplace held a dress like Matilda Day!

The Lucy & Mui team loves getting dressed up. But even we have to admit that dressing up for work everyday sometimes takes way too much time then it should.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Why is ‘outfit repeater’ a comment reserved mainly for women when men wear the same suits daily! We’re not saying you should wear the same thing every day but in our opinion, its perfectly okay to resort to a few staples and repeat. 

We believe in investing in the right quality pieces for you, with an emphasis on quality! If you are going to wear something everyday its got to be able to keep up with you and withstand daily wear and tear.

Take me for example, I’ve worn the same solid gold chain necklace with a black pearl everyday since I was 16 (save for a few special occasions and beach days), and I love it! I’ve also got my eye on Lucy and Mui's Cuff Open Diamond Ring in Rose Gold, as my next staple (no, I don't get to wear free rings from the stock cupboard like in Devil’s Wears Prada!).

Investing in quality pieces means I don’t have decision fatigue, its like clockwork putting them on, and they’re beautiful minimal pieces that compliment every outfit (and season)!

Start with baby steps. Invest in one handcrafted intimate piece of jewelry, then move onto shoes, pants and shirts to see if the hassle free uniform lifestyle is for you!

Lucy and Mui Team


Mother's Day 2016 - The Lucy & Mui Gift Guide

Mother's Day is almost here - and our range of minimalist, feminine jewelry is an impeccable choice. 

We've put together our Top 5 Bestsellers that we think your Mom will love:

1. If she's feminine and sweet, the Tea Rose Diamond Necklace  
2. If she's got a little bit of edge and is always up for an adventure, the Teardrop Diamond Necklace
3. If she's classy and always impeccably dressed, the Mod Baguette Diamond Ring
4. If minimalism is her thing, the Bead Diamond Ring
5. If she's got a penchant for ethereal fashion, the Hydrangea Diamond Earrings

From left to right, all styles available in 18K Solid Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold, paired with Ethically-Mined, Conflict-Free Diamonds:

If you need more style advice, don't hesitate to drop us an email at or chat with us on our website. Our team is always available, and we promise a reply within 12 hours!



The Lucy & Mui Team


Valentine's Day is Just Around the Corner...

Valentine's Day is Just Around the Corner.

And boys will be boys... some will need a little more than a subtle hint as to which of our styles is your favorite. Some may even need you to text them a screenshot of your personal Lucy & Mui favorite (just sayin', we'll help inquiring other halves as much as we can but they often need more than a little push in the right direction).

To assist you in picking your favorite Lucy & Mui piece, we've curated below a range of our bestselling designs and Lucy & Mui features in top-tier titles like Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire (find out more about our Press Features HERE).

Lucy and Mui Teardrop Diamond Necklace in Gold

For the non-conventional

Teardrop Diamond Necklace at 295USD in Rose Gold, Gold and White Gold

Lucy and Mui Bead Diamond Ring in Gold Stackable Ring

For the one that loves the classics

Bead Diamond Ring at 195USD in Rose Gold, Gold and White Gold

Featured in Marie Claire

Lucy and Mui Seis Classic Diamond Necklace in White Gold

For the minimalist

Seis Classic Diamond Necklace at 220USD in Rose Gold, Gold and White Gold

Featured on Carmen Hamilton

Lucy and Mui Mod Baguette Diamond Ring in Rose Gold


For the minimalist

Mod Baguette Diamond Ring at 295USD in Rose Gold, Gold and White Gold

Featured on FIGTNY


 For the feminine

Hydrangea Diamond Earrings at 310USD in Rose Gold, Gold and White Gold

Ring version featured on Shop Till You Drop

And, if any well-prepared other halves are reading this and ready to rumble - we've got you covered. Drop us an email at to ask for style advice or help with choosing the perfect gift for the perfect girl. We promise a reply within 24 hours.

Happy Valentines from all of us at Lucy & Mui!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Mum & Dad

Parents can be so hard to buy for - you want to show how much you appreciate them, but somehow, they seem to have everything they need!  And they rarely give a proper answer when asked for suggestions!

Our top tip for buying for mum or dad is, don't try to find the perfect gift - just look for a surprise which will make them smile. A little luxury, a special something which they wouldn't have bought themselves. Something simple and beautiful.


Dads are surely the hardest people to buy for - but don't let that put you off trying! Instead of just picking this year's best selling novel, find your father something which shows you really care.

Traditional Dad

If your father isn't known for browsing the fashion section of the Sunday papers, choose a gift which will be within his comfort zone. But traditional doesn't have to mean ugly - a classic piece, such as a quality silk tie, is sure to be appreciated whilst pepping up his wardrobe. Visit a real tailor's store, or buy from a Gents' designer such as British brand Ted Baker, and your gift is bound to be worn for years.


Micro leaf pattern silk tie by Ted Baker for around $70 USD


Board room Dad

If your dad is more at home in the office than the golf course, a fountain pen could prove to be a gift he uses every day. Even in the internet age, there's nothing quite like whipping a fancy pen out of your shirt pocket to take notes in meetings - or keep score on the links!

Avoid the cliché classic pens on yesteryear - contemporary stationery design features lines as slick as a top of the range car. We love this shiny black fountain pen from cult brand Lamy - and with an 18ct gold nib, your dad is going to love it too.


For the Dad who's still a kid at heart

Some boys never grow up - and never is this more obvious than at Christmas. If your dad is always quick to 'help' the grandkids set up the latest gadget, why not just get him his own toy? This year, remote control helicopters are still a big thing - and some of them really are grown-up models, rather than children's toys. Check out this cool, black quadcopter with inbuilt camera - it comes with lots of technical gadgetry which your dad is sure to understand without even reading the instructions!

H107D x4 RTF Mini Quadcopter with Camera by Hubsan $199.99

Practical Dad

Some dads just don't really understand frivolous gift giving. They'd rather be hammering and fixing than playing or dressing up. If this sounds like your father, why not get him something useful which you know he'll appreciate. If his workshop is already stuffed full of power tools, take advantage of end of year deals on equipment like steam mops and carpet cleaners. Your dad will appreciate never having to hire a professional cleaning service again.


ProHeat Premier Deep Cleaner Vacuum by Bissell - currently $199.99



Mums are as varied as their daughters - although we often have more in common that we like to admit! You only get one mother, so show her how much you care with a special gift this Christmas.

Glamorous mum

Buying make-up for older women can feel scary - what if their skin reacts differently to yours? Will the colors suit her? Stick with classic bronzes and nude lips from a quality brand, and you can be sure your mum won't be disappointed. Bobbi Brown has a great reputation for creating products to suit all skin tones and ages - not to mention beautiful palettes and gift sets! Any make-up loving mother will be overjoyed with this collection.

Rich Caramel Eye Set by Bobbi Brown $110 USD


Classic style

If your mother enjoys a good necklace but tends to avoid statement pieces, why not treat her to a piece of beautiful minimalist jewelry? She'll be getting in on contemporary trends without even realising it! This hydrangea influenced necklace has a traditional floral theme she'll love, and a classy solitaire diamond which will show just how much you value her.

Hydrangea Diamond Necklace in White and Yellow 18ct Gold by Lucy and Mui $250


Homespun Mama

Some mothers value home above all else - and deserve a great big thank you for providing us with comfort and security as we were growing up. If you have a homebody mum, treat her to something really luxurious to throw over the sofa, like this beautiful knit blanket from Anthropologie. The neutral colors and traditional style make this a piece which will fit in any décor scheme.

Prairie Chunky Throw by Anthropologie for around $220 USD


For a truly Diamond Mum

If your mum really means the world to you, why not treat her to a little piece of luxury? The small but perfectly formed diamond in this dainty ring makes this a very wearable piece. Whether your mum is rarely seen out of a cocktail dress, or more of a jean and t-shirt kind of gal - this ring will fit in with her style. In fact, it's so perfect, you might find it hard to give away!

Mod Baguette Diamond Ring by Lucy and Mui $205

That finishes our collection of Christmas suggestions for all the family - happy shopping!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the women in your life...

Shopping for female relatives and girlfriends can be great fun - there's so much to choose from! But that can also make finding the perfect gift pretty confusing.

If you're feeling overwhelmed this Christmas, we suggest sticking with top quality, classic pieces. A single luxury gift makes much more of a statement than a collection of impulse purchases. Take a look through our ultimate gift guide, and you'll find a selection of beautiful items which any woman would be sure to treasure beyond the holidays.

For your girlfriend

The Little Black Dress

Every woman looks great in an LBD, and this one is a real stunner. From the designer range of cult British brand Topshop, this glamorous number would be perfect for New Year's Eve - and we guarantee it will have pride of place in her wardrobe for many seasons to come.

Mayall Shift Dress by Topshop $330 USD

The Classic Handbag

Buying a bag might feel risky, if you aren't sure exactly what your girl would love. In this situation, you can't go wrong with a classic shape in black leather. Equally at home in the office or a cocktail bar, this understated handbag and purse combo from Kate Spade is sure to be appreciated. The little champagne bottle keyring adds a unique touch which makes this an adorable gift option.

Cobble Hill Satchel and Accessories by Kate Spade $298 USD

Diamonds are forever

You simply can't go wrong with a diamond necklace. If you want to be sure of raising a smile on Christmas morning, what could be better than opening a jewellery box to find this little gem inside? The cut of the stone is a minimalist classic, whilst the rose gold chain and setting bring contemporary style.


Teardrop Diamond Necklace in Rose Gold by Lucy and Mui $295


For your mother

The perfect purse

Show your appreciation for the first woman in your life with this little treasure - a beautiful golden card organiser from luxury brand Jimmy Choo. Simple but sweet, this mini purse is sure to be loved by women of any age.

Gold etched Metallic Spazzolato Leather Concertina card holder by Jimmy Choo $325 USD

Sultry Scarf

Many older women find a scarf flattering and comfortable. A good scarf is warm enough to keep off the chill, but drapey enough to bring to a party to dress up a party dress whilst retaining some modesty.

We love the combination of classic chain link pattern and modern monochrome palette in this Cashmere offering from Diane von Furstenberg.

 'Vault Kenley' Cashmere Scarf by Diane von Furstenberg $268

Elegant Earrings

If your mom deserves a real treat this year, why not treat her to an extra-special piece of jewellery? Every woman enjoys wearing stud earrings, which look great with long and short hair, or pinned back styles.

We love these floral earrings, because they bring modern metals to a traditional shape. The rose gold color will warm any skin tone, and make your mother feel like a million dollars.


Camelia Diamond Earrings in Rose Gold by Lucy and Mui $345 USD


For your BFF...

The cute bracelet

If you're looking for a sweet gift which your best friend is going to treasure forever, look no further than this delicate bracelet. Easily worn with formal or casual outfits, your BFF will remember your friendship every time she puts this on - and that's likely to be often! A particularly great present for a friend you don't get to see as often as you'd like.

Bead Diamond Bracelet in White Gold by Lucy and Mui $195 USD

Party Shoes!

Sometimes we want to buy things for our friends when really, we want them for ourselves! As soon as we saw this pair of ruby red, velvet party shoes from Anthropologie, our hearts melted a little. If you can bring yourself to give these away, well - you must be a great friend indeed.

Lien.Do Julieta Heels by Anthropologie around $200 USD

Beautiful Blusher

If your best friend is more into beauty products than shoes, then this little palette is probably the pick of this season's make-up counter offerings. The top three shades can be used as highlighter or powders for different effects, whilst the beautifully marbled shades below offer universally flattering shades of blush. We love the rose gold packaging at least as much as the luxurious contents.

Ambient Lighting Edit by Hourglass for $80 USD


So there you have it, our curated gift guide for the best women in your life <3 

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the Man in your life

Men often seem to be particularly hard to buy for - probably because the marketing hype would have us believe that all guys want, is an ironic T-shirt and set of tools. We think it's time to raise expectations when it comes to treating our menfolk during the holiday season, so we've compiled a list of original suggestions for the man in your life.

1. Multi-function Watch

If your man is the type who has never really grown out of gadgets, this might just be the perfect gift.  Fossil's Q Founder features plenty of up-to-the-minute technology, without looking over-designed. We love the way it can count your steps, sync to your phone, remind you to prepare for that meeting - all paired with a clean black screen and traditional leather strap.


2. Up his Scarf Game

Most guys seem to like wearing scarves, but get all bashful about actually shopping for them. If your man is lucky enough to receive a good scarf this holiday, don't panic if his first response is a slight lift of the eyebrows. Get him something luxurious and stylish, and he'll son be cravat knotting with the best of them.

We love this amazing Aussie designed scarf in pure grey cashmere, with hints of bright mustard for a subtle shot of originality. And if he really doesn't like it... well, this is one item we'd be happy to 'borrow!'


3. Personalised Presents

If you're looking for a gift for male friend or colleague, drinking accessories are often an obvious choice. But why not choose something which will make your gift stand out from the crowd?

Personalisation is a major trend right now, and it can be as simple as choosing a monogrammed version of an every day item. We adore these golden glasses from Anthro - just the right shape for a generous glug of festive whisky served on the rocks.

Gilded Monogram Glass by Anthropologie

4. Office Novelties ... which he will actually use

Don't succumb to the temptation of naff executive gifts - leave the stress balls, tabletop golf sets and USB mug warmers in the bargain bin, where they belong!

If you have male friends or relatives who work in an office environment, why not gift something which they will want to look at and use every day? British stationers Present & Correct have developed a cult following since their carefully curated modernist ranges hit the online marketplace. We think this beautiful bentwood desk tray would make for a truly classic gift.

Bent Plywood Tray from Present & Correct

5. Boring underwear...

It might seem kind of dull, but hey - some men refuse to go shopping, ever. If you have this sort of man in your life, Christmas is an opportunity to refresh the murkier corners of his closet. We're not going to comment on whether we think there are any other benefits to cladding your fella if a quality pair of undies...

Calvin Klein Trunks, from $99 AUS for a pack of 3


6. The not-quite-a Man Bag

How do guys cope without handbags? We don't know, and frankly, feel sorry for any male not man enough to carry a bag. Fortunately, there are other options out there which can prevent over-stuffed pocket syndrome.

Check out this leather organiser from Knomo, designed to fit an ipad as well as all the other bits which would otherwise be floating around in his jeans. Even better, a battery pack is available which converts the organiser into a charger too.

7. Sporty Types

Not every guy is going to appreciate fashion-led gifts, and why force them to fit into a mold that doesn't fit? If the number 1 man in your life is most at home in the great outdoors, treat him to something that will really make him smile. This kayak is bound to inspire anyone to take to the nearest beach or river:


 So, what will you be buying the man in your life this Christmas?

Moon Shadow // A collaboration with Fashion Bunker & The Grey Attic

"For the night dancers, the daydreamers and the ones who’s minds wander off the edge of the universe. For the lovers, the drifters and the universal stargazers, the night lighters, free fallers, the muses filled with magic and the eternal time travellers. For the rooftops that become dreamscapes and the afternoons that turn into midnights, for the sweet cocoon of 2ams, the songs that turn into memories and the moon shadows that fill the night with fantasy..."


View the full editorial with Fashion Bunker, styled by the amazing team at The Grey Attic over HERE.

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