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    A collection inspired by old-world charm, crafted with moisannites and diamonds.



    Inspired by styles from the 1920s.



    Keepsakes and milestones.


    A GIFT

    For the love that endures through time.



    Covid-19 Advisory

    Covid-19 Advisory

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    Swap your old jewelry for something that tells your story, something you're proud to wear.




    Find the one that resonates with you - a curated selection of Astral Diamonds to craft your personalized Lucy & Mui.


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      Mod Baguette Diamond Ring

      Bought it as a Christmas gift and the girlfriend was really pleased with it. Guess that's the best outcome one can have! -A


      Grande Pavé Diamond Hoops

      A bit tinier than expected, but I found them amazing when worn. For what it's worth, I have not worn other earrings ever since I got this pair. -A


      Petite Sapphire Baguette Diamond Ring

      I got this for my mum and it is absolutely gorgeous! She loves it and I'm very happy with my purchase :) -J


      Seis Classic Sapphire Ring

      I actually got my husband to get this for me so I can wear it in place of my engagement ring haha. I love how delicate it is. -S


      The Diamond Inkling Ring

      As always with Lucy Mui, the quality is excellent. The diamonds are gorgeous and give a nice bit of sparkle. -V




      • September 15, 2021 5 Questions to Ask Before Picking the Perfect Jewelry Gift
        5 Questions to Ask Before Picking the Perfect Jewelry Gift

        Jewelry gift shopping can be overwhelming, and sometimes intimidating. With a myriad of options to choose from - from jewelry types, gemstones, to designs - the last thing you’d want is to pick something that your loved one doesn’t like. 

        What’s tricky about gifting jewelry is that jewelry is a deeply personal choice, and it can be very difficult to choose a perfect piece that someone else will love - no matter how well you know them. But if picked right, this gift can hold incredible sentimental value. Not to mention, a well-made handcrafted jewelry piece is timeless - a perfect symbol of the love you have for him/her. 

        Choosing the right piece of jewelry can be difficult, but we’re here to help you gain more clarity and confidence. Here are five questions to ask yourself as you navigate the bumpy terrains of jewelry shopping, to find the perfect gift for your special someone. 


        1 | Who’s the gift for? 

        This may sound pretty duh at first glance, there’s much more to consider behind this question. When choosing what gift to buy, take a moment to really think about the person you’re gifting to. Everyone has their own distinct personality and preferences, so it’s important to pay attention to these little details. 

        Whoever the gift is for, taking the time to observe how they wear their jewelry or accessories can reveal a lot about themselves, and give you an idea of what they like or dislike. 

        It’s also important to consider the age and style of the person. If you’re buying for your teenage niece, for instance, consider jewelry with more flair and color. But if you’re buying for your mom, a classic and minimalist piece may be a perfect fit. 

        2 | What’s the occasion? 

        Once you’ve nailed the who, it’s time to ask the what. Is this a gift to celebrate a milestone, an anniversary, a birthday, or a season like Christmas or Valentine’s? Think about the significance of this occasion to the person; this can give you an indication of how far you should go the extra mile, or how much you should spend, on this gift. For instance, a five-year anniversary gift would be quite different from a Christmas present, considering that the latter happens every other year. 

        This can also help you in narrowing down your choices, especially if you were deciding on the type of jewelry. A ring may be more suitable as a romantic gesture to express your love on Valentine’s Day, while a necklace or pair of earrings would make a very lovely birthday gift. 

        3 | Statement piece or everyday wear? 

        Would you like your loved one to wear this piece every day, or only for special occasions? Envisioning how the jewelry will be worn is helpful to decide how ‘loud’ the piece should be. A pair of bedazzling earrings may not be quite right for the office, but a pair of simple diamond studs may do just the trick. 

        diamond earrings

        Tea Rose Diamond Earrings, USD610

        4 | Do I want it personalized? 

        Much like the gift you are considering, the person you are buying for is unique. If you’d like to convey just how special he/she is, why not add a personal touch to the jewelry? 

        It could something as simple as a necklace engraving, or a more intricate bespoke piece with custom-made settings. At Lucy & Mui, you can customize a piece by choosing a special stone, such as one with a unique meaning to your loved one, or choosing a design that represents your story. 

        5 | What do I hope to express with this gift? 

        A gift that resonates is one that conveys meaning. What story would you like to share through this jewelry piece? Is it an emblem of love for your significant other? Or a symbol of your unwavering belief in their future and goals? Once you’re able to craft the story you wish to convey, choosing the stone and design can be much easier. 

        For example, every stone has its own meaning. A diamond signifies clarity, purpose, and unyielding strength. On the other hand, a sapphire represents wisdom and purity. Picking the right stone to tell your story can make your jewelry gift all the more meaningful and special, and one that your loved one will truly cherish. 

        diamond ring

        Teardrop Diamond Twist Ring, USD350

        While these tips are not a definitive rulebook to go by, we do hope that they’ll give you a guide to decide the best gift for your loved one. If you’d like to reach out to find out more about the range of jewelry pieces we have (or even customizing options!), please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at Tell us your story, what you hope to express with your gift, and we’ll be in touch to help you decide the perfect jewelry piece for you. 

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